Thursday, May 20, 2010

Surrogacy Set to Replace International Adoption

Earlier this month, I wrote about the prevalence of adoption and more recently surrogacy on television in  a blog post was entitled  "Art" and Life: Imitation or Representation?. That list of shows depicting surrogacy as just another form of family formation, has now been added to by Glee. 

In real-life the practice that exploits women in poverty - womb rentals - that most of us have read about being a major industry in India is also about to invade Guatemala.

In part one of a three part seines, a colleague and I spent time with in Guatemala, Karen Rotabi, writes:

Human Rights and the Business of Reproduction: Surrogacy Replacing International Adoption from Guatemala

"As adoption has become more difficult, the global surrogacy industry has begun to surge to meet the fertility demands of individuals and couples seeking to secure healthy infants...."

"One has to wonder how information will be imparted to Guatemalan women who may well be illiterate and lack the legal savvy to truly understand the contracts they will be required to sign...."

"Desperately poor, Guatemalan women will inevitably find themselves being offered an opportunity to earn a wage to birth a baby in this dollar-a-day nation."


KimKim said...

It always astounds me when people see nothing wrong with surrogacy. I must admit I am still amazed at how many people think adoption is wonderful too.

Mirah Riben said...

Everything is wonderful when you are on the receiving end and get what you paid for.

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