Thursday, May 13, 2010

NCFA Teams up With WACP to Have Hanson Charged: Protectus Anus

As reported  yesterday, The World Association for Children and Parents filed the petition to open an investigation into possible abuse or neglect of Artyem by Torry Hanson in her abandonment abd endangerment of the adopted 7-year-old boy on a plane alone to Russia.

The agency said it reported the abandonment "to all relevant government offices" and contends that the actions of the Hansens constitutes child abuse or neglect as defined in Tennessee state law.
The WACAP also alleges that the Hansens have "inflicted severe emotional injury to this minor child who has now twice been abandoned by both his biological and adoptive parents." The petition also charges Hansens placed the child "at great risk of physical harm" by sending the boy to be picked up by a stranger when he arrived in Moscow who "could have been unstable or even a pedophile."

[Where was there any such conern in the adoptions of Matthew mancusco or William Peckenpaugh?]

The petition also asked that court-appointed guardian to make recommendations to the court "whether Torry Hansen's parental rights should be terminated so that the child can be made free for adoption by another family." Child support is also sought paid by Hanson inasmuch as she is still legally his parent.

Now, The National Council for Adoption has also filed an amicus petition in the case, stating they have a vested interest in the matter "due to its impact on member agencies certified to do Russian adoptions and prospective parents currently awaiting finalization of Russian adoptions."  The group claims it has been interceding on Justin Hansen's behalf through diplomatic efforts internationally and filed an affidavit from Larisa Mason, chair of its International Adoption Committee.

Just condientially (!) talks have bene resumed between the U.S. and Russia to unfreeze the flow of adoptions.  At 10%, RTussia is currently the largest source of chidlren adopted intot he U.S.  In other words big buisness and lots of bucks are at stake!

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Amanda said...

Ahhh NOW I understand why the NCFA cares. Because this issue is impacting the agencies they represent. People need to understand this about the NCFA--they serve to represent, lobby for, and protect AGENCIES-PERIOD. The song and dance on their website is cute (except for the repetitious stereotypes that make me sick to my stomach), but people can't let that fool them.

Why is this even alleged child-abuse? Shipping a minor, U.S. Citzen off to another country to be picked up by strangers is child endangerment, abuse, neglect...the list goes on.

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