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5-3/4" X 4" 
vinyl magnetic "bumper sticker"

Weather resistant - Survives car washes

Will not mar your car! 
Buy another for your fridge.

    Just $5.00 each including shipping (for single orders)*


4 X 4"

Just $1.00 each
including shipping*

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Bright Pink
1-1/4" BUTTON

A real conversation starter!

$2.00 each 
shipping included on single orders

Read the groundbreaking, internationally acclaimed expose of the US Adoption industry

Meticulously researched
As relevant today as the day it was written

260 pages; 328 endnotes
an invaluable resource book

Read reviews on Amazon.com but 
buy it here - autographed

 NOT $18.50  
JUST $15.00
plus $2.00 shipping*

  • Autographed book
  • Auto magnet
  • Sticker
  • Button
ALL FOUR -- JUST $20 plus $3.00 shipping

Email for payment details: MirahMirah@gmail.com

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