Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Gift for Mothers?

"... a clear issue of supply and demand: if there is a high demand for babies and money to pay for them, said babies will be supplied. In resource-poor countries with little oversight of the adoption process and a reward for turning "orphaned" children over to adoption agencies and orphanages, the sourcing of children for international adoption will remain questionable, at best. Poor regulation of international adoption leaves mothers around the world childless and voiceless." 

This astute observation is only mired by the title of the story:  A Gift for Mothers Everywhere: Regulating International Adoption.

The true gift to mothers and families in crisis is the prevention unnecessary of adoption by providing the resources needed for children to remain with extended family kin or within their own culture.

Regulations are an impossible dream.  The Hague will prevent child trafficking to the extent the death penalty slows the murder rate.

As long as there are no preventative measures put into place and the demand remains high there willl always be those who will violate the most stringently enforced regulations.

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