Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Politicizing Adoption

UPDATE: 12/21 Putin HAS banned Russian-American adoptions, but for all the WRONG reaosns!

The Russian government has made many threats to shut down adoptions to the U.S. since 2009.

In the wake of SIXTEEN of their children winding up MURDERED by their US adoptive parents, many sent off to the ranch in Minnesota and countless other enduring unthinkable abuses, and one seven-year-old sent back to Russia on an airplane alone.....they have made demands for follow-ups on their vulnerable children placed in American homes.

They demand. They threaten. But it all seems to be a big act to APPEAR concerned.

Now, they are threatening again, this time not for the welfare of the children but as retaliation!

An amendment to a Russian bill has been proposed banning adoptions to the U.S. as re result of the Magnitsky Act in the U.S., which imposes sanctions on Russian human rights offenders. President Obama signed into law on Friday. The Russian bill is expected to be introduced on Wednesday and the entire package could be approved by the end of the month. Read more here.

The bill is supported by Russia’s children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhav, who correctly noted such a ban should have been enacted years ago.

Russia’s human rights ombudsman Vladimir Lukin disagreed however, calling the proposal “shameless.”

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov likewise slammed the proposed amendment, calling it “wrong” and adding that international adoption was a legal right. He called on lawmakers to come to a “reasonable decision.”

If nations are judged by how they treat and care for and about their most vulnerable - orphaned children - neither Russia nor many other nations including the U.S., will not fare well. History will write a very negative legacy of the immoral way children have been bought and sold as commodities.

Using these most innocent victims in need of care as a political rallying call to garner supporters is despicably done in Russia as here.  Without knowing the facts it might appear to the average Russian citizen or citizens of the world unfair to deny children an opportunity to be adopted into a loving family, even if half-way around the world in another culture speaking another language.

But when you look at the rate of disrupted adoptions amongst international adoptions, and then focus in on particularly Russian adoptions in the US, you see that you are not exactly providing assurance of a "better life" through adoption, but rather are clearly Russian Roulette with the lives and well-being of these innocent and vulnerable children.

Russian officials have made repeated loud demands for adoption follow-ups. In light of past atrocities such a demand seems more than fair but it will never happen.  US adoption laws treat finalized adoptions with a big fat lie pretending the child is exactly the same "as if" born to the adoptive parents and issues a "birth certificate" that says so!  Except of course if your name is Tori Hansen then you continue to fight the court order to pay support for the child you took as your own and sent back.

No Follow-Ups

There are no follow-ups. Period.

Masha Allen, one of several Russian children adopted by American pedophiles to be used and abused and exploited on the Internet, was placed in the home of a single man who not only had bedroom for her - he didn't even a bed other than his own, in which she slept!  Day after day and night after night as she endured his molestations, she prayed for someone form the adoption agency to come and check up on call and see how she was doing. but it never happened. Masha was only found and removed as a result of a sting on Internet child pornography!

Politicians in Russia and here who think that adoption is a warm fuzzy that always is a good thing and they cannot vote against it, need only to heed the words of the United Nations to know that International Adoption should always be a last resort.
As defined by International Law/UNCRC and the Hague Convention "International Law says that Family Preservation should come first, domestic adoption second and international adoption as a last resort. What we have today is the complete opposite where international adoption is used as the go to solution in separating children from their biological families."
Russia - show your love and care and concern for your tiniest in need!  Encourage domestic adoption and invest in your orphanages for the ones left behind...not wanted...

Stop putting price tags on the heads of your orphaned and disabled children and sending them off to be someone else's problem...sending them off into an abyss of abuse.
  • You are sending children to a nation that has more than half a million of its own children in unsafe foster homes.
  • You are sending your children to a nation that is gun crazy, where kids get shot at elementary schools.
  • You are sending your children to a country that exports some of its own kids foir adoption!
  • You are sending your children to a country that sits in blatant violation of multiple international treaties ignoring Guatemala's demand to return a kidnapped child because according to US law the kidnap victim was "legally" adopted by Tim and Jennifer Monahan. 
You can do better Russia. You owe it to your future generations.

Lesser of Evils?

Today, while being interviewed again by Russian-American television network, I was told that Russia justified these placements because the rate of death is higher in their domestic adoptions!

I replied that it is far easier for them to follow up and provide resources and support for families who adopt within their boarders, than to expect to do it here. They cannot abdicate responsibility for their children in need - send them away - and then expect to dictate their care. If they want to protect their most vulnerable children, do it there where they have the ability to follow up.

"Over the past 30 years, the number of families from wealthy countries wanting to adopt children from other countries has grown substantially. At the same time, lack of regulation and oversight, particularly in the countries of origin, coupled with the potential for financial gain, has spurred the growth of an industry around adoption, where profit, rather than the best interests of children, takes centre stage. Abuses include the sale and abduction of children, coercion of parents, and bribery."  UNICEF's position on Inter-country adoption.

"...overseas adoption is a kind of child abuse by the state. ....Overseas adoption is the forced expulsion of children from the society where they are supposed to live. In this sense, overseas adoption is a social violence against children. As humans, we exist as part of a gigantic ecosystem. The existence of the biological parents of adoptees can never be annihilated nor denied.
"Overseas adoption is a forced separation of children from their natural ecosystems, as well as a way of forcing them into compulsory unity with settings different from and unnatural to their genetic and original social systems. Through this forced separation and compulsory unity, not only the adoptees, but also their biological parents, adoptive parents and their family members suffer trauma." Pastor Kim Do-hyun, director of KoRoot

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pushing for More Babies to Meet the Demand

There is so much misleading, inaccurate and just plain WRONG with Should Adoption Be a Reproductive Right?“ it is difficult to know where to begin.

The author, Cristina Page is Co-Director of Spence Chapin's Adoption Access Network has an obvious vested interest in promoting adoption as an option. She is in the adoption business. It is how her salary is paid. Her advice is thus as valid as bankers addressing mortgage bailouts.

Page says: “With abortion, a woman almost always puts the decision behind her, and moves on; with adoption that can be considerably more challenging.” More challenging to put a living child “behind” you?   Fact is, losing a child to adoption creates a limbo loss with no ritual or closure, that has been recognized as being lifelong and irresolvable, creating increased risk of secondary infertility and post traumatic stress disorder. The grief, pain and anger do not lessen over time.

She also says, “Adoption can be a painful choice but much of the difficulty is unnecessary.” Well, that’s true because losing a child to adoption is most often unnecessary – a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Providing mothers in crisis the resources they need to keep their families intact would prevent many unnecessary losses.

Sharon Kaplan adds to the misinformation by claiming “"Birth mothers gradually learned that babies for adoption were needed so desperately that they could have more control than ever before over the adoption process.”  Needed?  Really?

It is not surprising that pro-adoption page while speaking of expectant mothers – who she calls birth mothers – needing and having s right to accurate information, gives inaccurate information on open adoption claiming: “Only 24 states enforce open adoption agreements. So, in the remaining 26 states, the birth mother has no legal recourse if the day after the adoption is finalized the agreement is completely ignored” without stating that the so-called “enforcement” translates to mediation that cannot be enforced. Any woman thinking open adoption is the ideal solution it is presented to be needs to read the Mothers of Open Adoption Fraud page on Facebook. gthere one can meet mother after broken hearted deceived mother who fell for the lies of adoption buisness that use open adoption as a procrument incentive.

Two things Page got right:

First, the conflict of interest inherent in legal representation for relinquishing mothers. Her solution is reproductive rights attorneys providing pro-bono services. While that might help, it would be far better to outlaw the practice of adopters paying for the attorney that represents the mother and instead have those funds placed into a state pool to pat attorneys without the conflict.

 The other things she got partially right is the information on so-called “safe haven” baby dumps, also known as baby hatches which The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is calling to be banned because, in addition to the problems Page raises, the practice of legalized abandonment, safe havens violate children's right to identify their parents. They create adoptees with no way of ever tracing back their genealogical heredity and thus medical history.
BOTTOM LINE: Suffering the loss of a child is in no way a "right" - it's a tragedy. And most often a preventable tragedy. Those who fight for reproductive rights, womens rights, need to fight for the rights of mothers and fathers to not be duped, decieved, pressured, coerced or exploited out of their children to meet a demand.

Anything else is unacceptable. 



Monday, December 3, 2012

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