Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A MUST SEE Video News Report: Child Trafficking in Ethiopia

Christians played for saps by so called Christian adoption agency actually a child trafficking ring 

The child buying and selling exposed in this report are not limited to Christian World Adoption or even to religious agencies. Child trafficking like this is RAMPANT because of DEMAND!

This situation occurs throughout the world. Another case is reported here.  It is important to spread this information to all progressives, feminists and any well-meaning people who believe that adoption rescues children in need.  SPREAD THE WORD! Share with your church and anywhere you can.


Julie said...

Important and scary information that does need to be spread around.

I'm not sure why you felt the need to say that feminists need this info, as though there is something about feminists that make them particularly susceptible to thinking that adoption is about rescuing children in need. I don't think there is anything about progressive or feminist thought that has rescuing as a goal. Clearly though, it is a Christian preoccupation (which is not to say all Christians or all Christian agencies feel that way.)

Mirah Riben said...


Many liberals are "into" rescuing and also "proving" their "color-blindness" by adopting, especially children of color. That's why I mentioned progressives.

As for feminists...that's a very broad brush label,I know because thre are many diffeent varieties of fmeinsists.

As a whole feminist publications have ignored any issues that involve mothers' losses of children to adoption. Feminists also have a long history of being elitist and academic and are thus identifying far more with those who are 'depserate" for a child and those who have adopted.

Solinger and Chesler are the exception, not the rule, in my experience,and I have tried very hard to break through and get published in feminist journals and anthologies on mothering.

Von said...

Thanks for the link will post to my blog.
Take your point about femimnists, American feminists I guess you're talking about.

Mirah Riben said...

Actually I have been met with the same roadblocks by ARM of York in Toronto... now motherhoodinstitute.org

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