Thursday, May 27, 2010

Resources, Support and Help for Single and Teen Moms

1 Mother + 1 Child = 1 Family 

Adoption is a permanent solution for temporary problems.
DISCLAIMER: These are unscreened resources, so please advise if any promote adoption and they will be removed. Anyone seeking help with adoption services can find that all too readily, often disguised as offering to help single expectant moms but in fact run by adoption agencies and pro-life pregnancy crisis centers. The purpose of these resources is to help mother mother.  Also, please let's add to this list and bookmark it.

The following are maternity homes that will help expectant mothers and provide continued housing and assistance for the mother and child for months afterward, helping them to become self-sufficient:
  • Single Mothers Outreach empowers single parents and their children by providing hope, support, and resources to help families become self-sustaining.
  • A Single Parents Network - Support & Resources for Single Mothers ...
  • A single parents web community geared to single parent resources, information, and discussions, combined with the largest single parenting social club...
  • Hope Network for Single Mothers is a volunteer-based grass roots support system. It provides emotional and material support to single mothers and their -
  • Raising Him Alone - Providing Resources and Support For Single Mothers raising boys... (RHA) is dedicated to researching, designing, and implementing a campaign to support the social well being of single mothers raising boys. 
For young moms:

    Being A Teenage Parent BundlesOfLoveV2 Mother's Edition: Support site, including message board, chat, and local group ... Young Parents Connect: Support group for teenage parents. -

  •  Teen Mothers Support - Revolution Health This is for those girls who have children at a young age, and need someone to talk to. To share stories

  •  Pregnancy - Teens Support Group - DailyStrength Life outcomes for teenage mothers and their children vary; other factors, such as poverty or social support, may be more important than the age of the

    Insights Teen Parent Program The mission of Insights Teen Parent Program is to create a climate of positive support...

  • Teen Moms Teen moms – pregnant or already moms – can get help and support here. Talk with other teenage mothers and make friendships at iVillage.


Susie said...

Great idea! I have this bookmarked to send to anyone considering adoption because of their age.


Amanda said...

Awesome post!

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