Friday, May 7, 2010

Sharing a Blog and Org Supporting Single Moms and Moms-to-Be

I invite you all to read and explore Pro-Truth and Free-Will: The Third Reproductive Rights Movement is a new blog started by Mari Gallion, author of The Single Woman's Guide to a Happy Pregnancy, the owner of, and the founder of Single Mothers-to-be, Inc.

Single Mothers-to-be, Inc. has no formal affiliation with either the Pro-Choice or Pro-Life movements. Instead, we choose to take all of the good and none of the bad offered to single mothers-to-be by either group: If you’re a Pro-Choice organization that exposes adoption coercion practiced by Crisis Pregnancy Centers, then we’re glad to know you. If you are a Pro-Life organization that offers shelter for single mothers-to-be without adoption coercion, we are thankful for the work you do. As long as you believe that the choice to parent deserves the same protection as other choices, and as long as you believe that the life of a pregnant woman is a sacred as that of a fetus, then sure: We can be friends.
Despite SinglePregancy unfortunately being a dot COM, and then being described a bit agitisically as a "movement" sine it seems to consist one one's goal is noble: empower single women in unsupported pregnancies, helping them to embrace their destinies as parents and contributing members of society with confidence, competence, and courage
I am pleased so far with what I have read so far. I was, of course, particularly cautios and skeptica; to ensure that the goal was not support of single mothers, regardless of how they became mothers, or those called "inetnional single mothers" but appears to rather to be a support of single women who are pregnant and preparing to be mothers, albeit unplanned and needing support. I have encouraged Mari to visit here and learn about Family Preservation, a term she never uses while a huge supporter of the concept.

Mari articulates one one of my major beefs eloquently regarding the dualistic thinking that pits abortion against adoption, eliminating totally discussions of helping mothers parent their children.

FamilyPreservation supports the goals of and The Third Reproductive Right Movement and look forward to Mari's deeper investigation into family preservation and to working njutually to support mothers to preventing unwarranted and coerced adoption separations and parental terminations.

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I am wonder about this issue. Nice informative blog for mothers.Its very helpful for all mothers.

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