Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adoption In The News: Hanson and Bullock

Torry Hanson Follow-up

In what appears to this cynic as a case of self-protection from criminal or civil charges, World Association for Children and Parents who placed Artyyen with Torry Hanson is  asking a court to launch an investigation to determine whether a Russian boy was abused, neglected or abandoned as a result of being sent back alone on a flight to Moscow. The agency filed a petition requesting a court-appointed lawyer to investigate further.


Bullock's adoption fallout is rivaling that of Madonna's.  Of all the reports, gets my vote for one of the most in depth on the issues of racism in adoption and the broader picture.

Sandra Bullock, Transracial Adoption, and the Worship of White Motherhood refers us to
Women's Rights blogger Brandann Hill-Mann recently wrote a great piece titled "The Right Kind of Mother: Intersections of Race and Class and Choice," and stating:

"The White Mother, if media representations are to be believed, is perfect. She is smart, caring, and classy. She can take a black child who's been ignored by his negligent, crack whore of a black mother and bring out hidden talents."

It further quotes Lisa Marie Rollins, head of the Adopted & Fostered Adults of the African Diaspora as having said that "babies like Louis are wanted by black families or even members of his own extended family, but because of inherent racism in the child welfare systems of America, women like Bullock get first dibs."

One piece packing when fcusing on race is adoption - and in other issues - is that economic disparity goes hand inhand and is as much at the heart of the issue as is about skin color or thenicity.    
Not all "white mothers" are equal as we wll know! 

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