Thursday, May 13, 2010

Option Ignored - AGAIN - In Adoption v. Abortion Wars

A reproductive health blog reports the story of Christian evangelist anti-abortion adoptee, Ryan Scott Bomberger who is hell bent on beleiving and preaching that he and other adoptees are far more fortunate not to have been aborted than non-adoptees.

Bomberger owes his existence to rape and says that he can imagine his birth mother’s suffering.  “Rape is evil,” he said via email. “The child born of rape is the only beauty that comes from such a life-crushing experience.” He acknowledges that many anti-abortion activists—though not him--make an exception for women who have been impregnated by rape or incest. “I don’t believe that following an injustice to one precious human being with injustice to another [the unborn child] is justice at all,” he wrote.
Bomberger spreads his bombast on a host of websites:;;; and, among them. He’s also developed the oddly-named, which perpetuates a slew of myths about prochoice beliefs. “I am one of the unwanted children,” he pontificates. “I am the one that the abortion movement preaches will never live a happy life.”

The blogger then goes on to tell the pain of relinquishment, which is all well and good, except that she is proposing abortion as the only other option!   Too bad Palin persuaded her daughter to be a poster child for "just say no because I wish I had" instead of standing as role model for what is possible with the support of family.

As if that isn't bad enough, read the comments:
  • we in the pro-choice community need to work on our language surrounding adoption.  Rather than saying someone is "giving up" a child for adoption, we can use more empowering language that legitimizes this as the right choice for some women.  Women who opt for adoption are *choosing* an adoption plan
  • My children know nothing of my first pregnancy or later abortion, nor is it their business.  But there is always a  concern that the first child will somehow find me and cause concern in my chosen family.  
We have a long way to go to ensure expectant mothers have all their options explained and available to them.

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