Thursday, May 27, 2010

2010 Family Preservation Hero of the Year Award

I had the honor of meeting Stephen and Shyrel at Amor del Nino on my trip to Guatemala in August, 2009.  I wrote and shared photos of my visit and how impressed I was with what two inspired people are capable of accomplishing.  Amor del Nino houses 20-35 infants and children, most with special needs, who have no family to care for them, The Osborns protect these children from international adoption.

Since visiting I have gotten to "know" Steve via many emails back and froth and discussions of our shared disgust with profiteering in child trafficking, exploitation of impoverished people's and the commodification of children. Steve, who was called by God to serve in this way, has proven to be my prime go-to guy for combatting Christian rhetoric promoting adoption as a rescue mission.

Steve blogs at Steve's Ramblings.  

I am honored to present this overdue and amazingly well deserved award to Steve and Shyrel.

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