Thursday, May 27, 2010

Animal Rights Trump Human Rights

It's Official: Adoptees are less of a concern than pound puppies! 
How much is that baby in her tummy? (You know the tune!)

MSNBC is reporting a "small but growing movement" to ban pets being sold by pet shops.

West Hollywood, Calif., Albuquerque, N.M., and South Lake Tahoe, Calif., have all banned pet sales....but babies are still for sale at your local adoption agency businesses.  Other cities in Florida, New Mexico, Missouri and elsewhere are considering similar bans on the sale of dogs and cats, cause they it's so much more important that protecting children from being kidnapped, stolen, their mothers exploited and coerced for profit...

Animal advocates say pet store sales fuel the puppy mill industry, where dogs are bred and raised in cramped, unhealthy and inhumane conditions, kinda like baby mills run by, Adoption Law center Network,for instance who now own town homes to house their brood stock. "Kitten factories" are a smaller but growing problem also of concern of the rights do-gooders.

"People have got to wake up to the fact that [most] dogs coming from pet stores are coming from puppy mills," said Mary Jo Dazey, a stay-at-home mom from St. Louis, Mo., who has been working to shut down puppy mills in her state for several years. (Why her status as a full time mother is an issue in regard to a story about cats and dogs remains a mystery.)

“By stopping these pet shops,” director of an Animal Humane Society in NM said,“what you're really doing is you're reducing the demand for puppy-mill puppies.”

Between 2 million and 4 million dogs are born in U.S. puppy mills every year, according to the Humane Society of the United States, and many of those dogs do end up in pet stores — in addition to being sold over the internet, through newspaper classifieds and in other venues, can you imagine!

But the issue is not free of controversy. Some say that foes of puppy-mill and kitten-factory should focus instead on cracking down on breeders who are breaking the law.

"The fact of the matter is that puppies sold by pet stores frequently come from highly reputable breeders who provide healthy loving pets to the public," said Michael Maddox, vice president of government affairs and general counsel for the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, an industry group based in Washington, D.C.

"Notwithstanding isolated anecdotal stories that misrepresent pet store puppies, the vast majority of customers who bring home their canine companion from a pet store are supremely satisfied with the experience." And we all know that is true of adoption, and likewise sure to be pointed out by "industry spopkespersons" though they are identified as "experts."


Anonymous said...

can social workers keep my kids in care even if the warrant has been uplifted

Mirah Riben said...

You will need to contact an attorney.

Also try:

jmomma said...

Owf. I saw a poster yesterday of a baby bunny with a headline "Are You Sure It's an Orphan?" reminding people to NOT rescue baby animals in the wild because they're better off with their mothers.
Another instance of striving to do good for the animals, an example we could apply to humans too.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Mirah....I usually agree with most of what you write and post, but with all due respect, I think you are getting a little anal with this one. I don't think animals are seen as more important than we are, but like us, THEIR rights are violated every day in this country too. Puppy mills are evil and they do need to be shut down as many of the dogs are used to breed so much they die, the conditions they are forced to live in are beyond digusting and many of their babies are bought by B class dealers and sold to testing labs where they are tortured every day. Some of these poor animals are used for bets placed on fighting too, where they are torn to bits. Animals have nothing to do with our plights due to the Adoption Industry and they deserve to be protected. Granted, Michael Maddox is a liar, just like the NCFA, but I think all of us need to see animals as the victims they are not competitors for rights. BOTH animals (who have feelings like humans)and we Adoptees along with Mothers who were forced to give away their infants deserve respect. I just can't nor will ever draw a line between myself and some poor innocent animal. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

Mirah Riben said...


I am in no way implying that puppy mills are a good thing or that animals are treated not badly there and that that should stop! I am a pet lover and a vegetarian and respect ALL sentient beings..

What I am saying is that something is being done now to close them down! Not so adoption agencies which flourish.

Hope that clarifies.

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Amanda said...

Mirah does have a point in saying that often Animal Rights do seem to trump Human Rights. Animal abuse laws existed in the United States before child abuse laws did. In fact, it was a pastor and a few helpers that used animal abuse laws as the legal foundation for why a parent could not abuse a little girl (her name was Mary, forget her last name) which was the first legal precedence that created child abuse laws in our country.

Look at PETA, it has a million times more support than many Human Rights groups do and especially more support than any Mother's Rights or Adoptee Rights groups do. People generally tend to think of animals as being innocent--it is easy to advocate for them. However, when it comes to issues involving women--especially single, unprepared, poor, unmarried women, there is less sympathy. There is always a subconscious (or even conscious) assumption that a person has "done" something to deserve their suffering. It's why research has shown women more humbly or provacatively dressed are less likely to receive help from passersby when in obvious danger--they must have "done" something to "deserve" being put in that situation. Mother seperation from a child over poverty is a horrid disgusting thing but it's permissable--even encouraged and praised, because there is no sympathy and certainly no empathy from the Gen Pop.

The Improper Adoptee said...

No, I totally understand Mirah. Thank you for clarifying. And I agrre, the corruption concerning Adoption Agencies and animals should both be stopped. I think the problem is that the general public does not yet understand they oppress both Real Mothers and Adoptees. This is why animals get more light shined on their sufferings.

Mirah Riben said...

BINGO! You nailed it! it's all the romanticism and myth surrounding adoption as a good dead...AND adoptive parents held in such high esteem as saviors...It thus became a sacred cow that one dare not speak badly of...

But I think the lid has finally blown off. We have seen behind the curtain, and it aint pretty. The King is wearing no clothes. It's all a sham...

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