Thursday, May 13, 2010

Separated at Birth?

Claudia, are you moonlighting on Progressive Insurance TV ads?

Or do you have a twin?

I can't see Flo - her voice and mannerisms - without thinking of Claudia.

Come I the only one who thinks they look alike?

?  ?  ?  ?  ?
Who do YOU look like? Who have people told you you look like?

When I was much younger and wore my hair in a pixe haircut I was often told I looked like Liza Minnelli. 

One guy  - not all that long go - thought I looked like Steven Tyler !! ??

I hated both comparisons!  Now, I'm just glad not to be compared to the lovely lady below any time soon:


Mirah Riben said...

UPDATE: The former lovely little old lady - who was wrinkled and very sun tanned - was removed because of a complaint that using her as an example of aging was "racist" though I thought she was a product of Florida sun. (My White childhood friend who lives in the sunshine state swears it is her in the future!)

That, after a complaint was received about comparing two caucasian women of similar age was received and responded to. So far, no complaints from either Claudia or Flo...but if they are upset, then that too will disappear from view with apologies.

Be sure to send your complaints on agism...and any other faux pas I commit, as I am sure those who watch this site for that express purpose will do!!

Some people seriously need a sense of humor!

The Improper Adoptee said...

LoL-I missed this post Mirah. And that girl on the commericals does look like Claud. She also looks like Stockard Channing to me too. You don't look like Steven Tyler, who said that to you? I'd kick them, LoL. You are very pretty though and you looked so cool! (And you do look a little like Liza who I have always loved, so feel proud!)

Mirah Riben said...

You're too kind.I did kick the guy who told me that, but then when posting this I found that one picture and i do see the resemblance! :-)

Plus, I'm a far bigger fan of Tyler than Minelli. :-) I'm a rock n' roll kinda gal.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Yeah, I love rock too, I just meant that he compared you to a guy-and being female if someone did that to me, I'd be pissed off even if the comparison was to Harrison Ford (who I look nothing like btw, LOL). I guess I am just picky about that kind of comparison and you are better at going with the flow than I am. (no pun intended, :) It is ridiculous too for anyone to get uspet about what you said about the old woman pic-no one likes getting older and the people who had a spaz DO need to get a sense of humor. People have forever made jokes about the follibles of the human condition and the negativity of what is thrust upon us as people, like getting old. So what. It helps people deal with an unplesant issue. (wrinkles, and agespots and grey hair, oh my! :) I don't know a person alive who doesn't say yuck to that. :) and what you said was funny and it wasn't discrimatory. Geez....

Mirah Riben said...

Yeah, BUT: "Dude looks like a lady!"

And yes, many lose their sense of humor with age. I had originally in this post a photo of Mary Ane Cohen compared to a photo of Marley G. To me, they looked amazingly alike (and I see it not just in photos but when I've seen them side-by-side at conferences, too)! One of them complained though it makes no sense cause they are best friends so who was being insulted by it I still don;t lnow. But I was asked to remove the photos and I did.

The old lady - I did a search online for a royalty free photo of a very wrinkled old lady and just grabbed the first one that came up. I loved her! She has big hoop earrings like I wear and colorful necklaces and looked like the PRUNES who have live din FLA too long! I looked at her and said: that's me in another 20-30 years!

But a nemesis of mine chose to call me racist! Whatever. I found another photo.

This is such a serious and "downer" subject, I like to mix in a little humor now and then!

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