Family Preservation Heroes

Recipients of the Family Preservation Hero of the Year Awards

each of these people have demonstrated the true essence of Family Preservation!

2007 Hero of the Year: Dr. Richard Boas founder of the Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network (KUMSN). A truly unique and dedicated adoptive father and humanitarian.

2008 Hero of the Year:  Jennifer and Todd Hemsley for doing the difficult but right thing and not taking a child out of Guatemala when the child's papers were questionable. The Hemsley's instead remain her guardian, visit her often, and support her care in her homeland.  Jennifer has been a staunch supporter of the Guatemalan mothers whose children were kidnapped and adopted by American families.

2009 Hero of the Year: Tracy Mazuer . Tracy arrived in Russia and discovered the nine-year-old she had come to claim had an 18-year-old brother who had to give permission for the adoption. She was angry but her concerns for the well-being of a scared little child were of greater concern than her own disappointment as she left empty-handed.

2010 Hero of the Year: Stepehen and Shyrel Osborn founders of Amor del Nino that houses children, mostly disabled, within Guatemala. Steve, who was called by God to serve in this way, has proven to be my prime go-to guy for combating Christian rhetoric promoting adoption as a rescue mission.

2011 Hero of the Year:  Scott A. Nordstrom who founded and runs House of Faith Orphanage in Zambia, Africa. Like the Osborns, Nordtsrom was called to help orphans and fiercely resists their adoption.

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