Sunday, November 8, 2009

UPDATE: NRA on Gun Rights and Adoption

As first brought to your attention here on Nov 7...

NRA wants adoption agencies to drop gun ownership questions

By Marc Caputo | The Miami Herald

The National Rifle Association is pushing legislation to ban adoption agencies from asking potential parents if they have guns and ammunition in the home.

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer said adoption agencies are violating gun-owners' rights by asking about firearms in an adoption form. She said any request about gun ownership from an agency connected with government was tantamount to establishing a gun registry.

"Gun registration is illegal in Florida," Hammer said. "An adoption agency has no right to subvert the privacy rights of gun owners."

The issue flared up in Brevard County where a gun-owning couple took umbrage at a request from the Children's Home Society that they disclose if they had firearms before adopting a child.

The couple complained to a lawyer, who called Hammer. She said it would be easier to change the law rather than sue.

A spokeswoman for the Children's Home Society, Liz Bruner, said the agency asks about guns because it is required to by the Department of Children & Families.

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My comment:

Gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right.

Adoption is NOT!

Those who want guns, have them. And they have that RIGHT. But they then do not have a right to adopt, as no one does and mothers who are making selections in open adoptions have every right to ask any screening question they chose. They have a right to discriminate against unmarried couples, or couples not practicing a religion of their choice. The agencies that represent those mothers have the same rights because adoption is all about the best interests of the child, not gun owners!



malinda said...

This is probably the stupidest thing -- among many stupid things! -- that the NRA has ever attempted!

Adoption agencies can ask about any and ALL safety issues relevant to parenting, whether possession of that item is legal or illegal! Do you have a swimming pool? What safety measures have you taken with regard to that swimming pool? Do you have a gun? What safety measures have you taken with regard to that gun?

Completely relevant and appropriate questions! I ask them of baby sitters, friends my kids' visit, relatives my kids' visit. . . .

AdoptAuthor said...

REALLY! And people can be turned for being too old (even though we have laws against age discrimination) or for smoking perfectly legal cigarettes!

Anonymous said...

Next we will have the obstetrition inquire if the mom and dad own a gun, what is next, get rid of the gun or have an abortion?

AdoptAuthor said...

Oh joy. An escape from the Nutter Riffle Asylum found my blog!

As a matter of fact, mothers who ingest drugs or alcohol (which is LEGAL and thus they have a "right" to) while pregnant, risk having their babies taken from them. Even those who smoke perfectly legal cigarettes while pregnant are t risk for being found unfit and having endangered a minor.

The rights of children surpass all rights of adults.

Ace said...

An escape from the Nutter Riffle Asylum found my blog!
Please don't call us that. One bad egg does not ruin the rest of the carton.

I'm also an escape [sic] from the "Nutter Riffle [sic] Asylum" with this comment to make: why didn't the couple just find another agency to adopt from? Maybe the other one won't ask about guns in the house? Or if they do, preface it by saying they are interested in the safety aspects of ownership and will protect such private information?

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