Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Britain Practicing Eugenics?

Kerry Robertson, 17 years old and 29 weeks pregnant, and Mark McDougall, 25, the baby's father,
are running scared trying to stay one step ahead of the eugenic police in Great Britain who have deemed the expectant mom (or mum) unfit because of mild learning difficulties -- without her ever being given a chance! 

The full report in the Daily Mail reveals that the couple will be allowed only a few hours with their baby - a boy they have already named Ben - before he is taken into care and placed with foster parents.

Desperate to keep their family together, the pair fled their home yesterday for a secret safe house.

McDougall says: "She is pregnant with her first baby so we don't see how, before he is even here, social workers can say she won't be a good parent. The pressure that social workers have been putting both of us under is huge....We are constantly lying awake at night worrying what the next day will bring."

NOTE: Miss Robertson has been in the care of her grandmother since she was nine months old after her parents were unable to care for her, with her welfare overseen by social workers at Fife Council, Scotland.

The government is also blocking their marriage on grounds of her mental capability to make such a decsion. Their case has been referred to the European Human Rights Commission, which is investigating whether Fife has broken human rights laws.

Some are calling it eugenics and fascist, deciding who is and who is not "itelligent enough" to breed.


SustainableFamilies said...

Wow! What the &%$**$???????

I really want to fight these schmucks.

anonadoptee said...

Thankyou so much for this post, It's driving me crazy that UK feminists seem to be ignoring this, apart from me I've only seen one other blog cover it

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