Friday, November 6, 2009

Adoption La La Land...

In Adoption LaLa Land myths abound like lollipops and munchkins in Oz (as in the Wizard of, not AU).

The Little Red Rescuing Myth rides happily abroad the Unwanted Languishing Orphan Train.  The Same-As Twins dance merrily with The Savior.

In the darkest part of the woods live the Wicked BirthMother Myth, next door to the Poor PitiFul Mother With Too Many Kids Who Lives in The Shoe.

Movie stars, actors and other celebrities frequent LaLa Land, when not in The Land of Make Believe.

Rosie O'Donnell visits regularly to read The Wrong Tummy, a story all are so very fond of!

Madonna spends vacations in LaLa Land, often bringing home souvenirs.

TODAY, there is a new visitor in LaLa land.  Her name is Mary-Louise Parker.

Mary Louise went to Ethiopia to rescue Caroline Aberash, now 3. Mary Louis brought Caroline home and introduced her to her homemade "tummy son," William Aberash, 5-1/2...but they needed no introduction because according to Mary Louise:
“They’re brother and sister. They’ve always been brother and sister.”
OK. I'll buy that ignore-ance of reality, after all they are still too young to see skin color differences and socially and emotionally they are siblings.

But Mary Louise obviously stopped in LaLa land on her way home from Ethiopia - a journey she called "magical."

Mary-Louise urges people to step forth and consider expanding their family through the magic of adoption because according to this one-woman expert: “There’s no downside to it. Unless you’re a mean, horrible person and you plan to make them clean your garbage up or something, there’s nothing bad about it,” she advocates.

I bet Caroline's natural family agrees wholeheartedly: no downside at all!  Just all Lollipops and joy!

“This is going to sound very strange, but even if you’re a mediocre parent, you’re going to give them way more than they have now. You’re going to give them attention, food, and clothes.”
No Mary Louise, it doesn't sound Ethnocentric?

Thanks to Andrea for bringing this to my attention

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