Saturday, November 28, 2009

“Operation: Get That Baby.”

No, it's no a snarky, sarcastic tittle I made up.

Not a parady.

It's a RAL EVENT. A fund raiser to help "such a deserving couple."

This "deserving couple" plans to "Get that baby" through Abba Adoption Agency:
Our vision is to share the Love of Christ to those that are hurting and lead them to the Cross by the testimony that has been given to us....We desire to shepherd these women to be what God wants them to be. In addition, we must equip the families that God is trusting to train up these little precious miracles in Christ centered homes. We are merely the vessels to bring the truth of the sanctity of life.

NOTE:  Since ABBA Adoption is a Christian Agency we seek out adoptive parents that are evangelical Christians who can provide a stable, nurturing home. 

Additionally: ADVERTISING: ABBA adoption understands families do not wan to wait years to adopt a child.  Therefore, we get involved in the community to network with places such as local Care Pregnancy Centers, hospitals, doctor offices, churches, schools and universities to make a presence of what we have to offer and what makes us more effective and essential in working with birth mothers on thier adoption plan.  In addition, we utilize marketing strategies that prove successful.  We know our market and we know what it takes to reach that market for our families.

Expectant mother are labeled "birthmothers" as they "market" and "advertise" for "THEIR FAMILIES!"  How loving and caring!  Just what Jesus would have them do.  They read it all in the Book of Marketing and Exploitation verses 21:3-5: "Thou shall take from the poor, the struggling and and the suffering and give to those who pay your fees, so sayeth the Lord of Adoption."

By this logic, terminal patients should be called organ donors by their physicians and all hospital staff. Their loved ones should be called widows and widowers instead of husband or wife.  And donor programs renamed: Get That Organ! With the marketing slogan: Why wait for death to be a donor - do it today!  You know you need the money, and others are so much more DESERVING than you of your organs! An eye for another's sight!  It's the Christian, loving thing.  You have two.
No known connection, except that ABBA means father in most Semitic languages, name of God the Father in Mark's Gospel....but The ABBA Fund provides financial assistance in the form of interest-free loans for good Christian moms and dads to adopt.

The Abba Fund website states:

The greatest thing you can do to establish a culture of adoption/orphan care in your church is to be gripped by the reality that God has adopted us as His children. The church is God’s great trans-racial adoptive family. As the gospel takes root in our hearts and we recognize that adoption is central to the heart and mission of God it also becomes something we care about. We will naturally begin to reflect our vertical adoption in our horizontal efforts. This is the foundation for creating a culture that believes that every Christian is called to care for the fatherless in some way. Not everyone is called to adopt but everyone is called to do something. The question for each Christian and each church is not “Should I care for orphans?” The question is “How can I care for orphans?”

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