Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seattle State Monopoly on Baby Selling

Independent adoptions are legal in [Seattle], and so is the practice of adoptive parents paying the birth mother's expenses. But under state law, only licensed agencies or the Department of Social and Health Services can advertise a child for adoption.
Adoptive parents must be screened by the state, a licensed agency or another qualified party. Once adoptive parents have passed the vetting process, they are allowed to advertise for a child.

So says a report in The Seattle Times today.

In question is a woman -- being sought by police -- for allegedly offering her own baby for adoption on Crag's List.  The state can pimp and sell her child, and aps can advertise..., but mothers cannot act on her own behalf, apparently, in finsing nw parents for her child! 

Of course that makes sense. How can an IGNORANT SLUT who doesn't want her own kid - probably a crack whore - make a reliable choice concerning her own child!?!

But in reality the biggest concern - as always is about MONEY.  SHE might be scamming PAPS for medical expenses - and that's the job of adoption practitioners to do!

So moms to be be advised: anyone can sell your baby but you!  Got it?

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