Saturday, November 7, 2009

Guns and Rosie Cheeks?

The NRA nutters are up in arms - pun intended - about adoption agencies ASKING prospective adopters if they own guns!

Seems they are so concerned about the RIGHT to bear arms, they have no clue that adoption is NOT a right for nyone - gun owner or not!

See this unbelievable discussion and add a comment if you chose.

Next addition to this assorted nut platter that now contains: religious right fundamental extremists, pro-lifers, adoption attorneys, baby brokers, flesh [peddlers, and now gun will no doubt be NAMBLA demanding they are not excluded or discriminated against as potential adopters!

Why not just hand out kids at WalkMart like a bonus coupon on each purchase!

I'm thinking kids need other kinds of arms....the kind that hold but don't kill or maim, or shoot bullets that do.

But over at Say Uncle where this is alo being discussed, Mikee says;

    "I know folks who adopted. They lied to the questioners about everything that might disqualify them, in order to complete the incredibly inane checklists that would otherwise leave them waiting forever, or would stop their adoptions from being finalized.    This will be no different. Guns will be put in the attic or garage if there is a home inspection pre-adoption, and the PC answer will be given when asked by the PC adoption agency.    What are the adoption agencies going to do, ask ATF for a raid on your home to check?"

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a Tonggu Momma said...

I loved that our social worker asked about guns in the home. My husband had a gun in our home that was left there by his ex-wife... he never quite knew what to do with it beyond leaving it in a gun safe in a closet. I hated the thing. The social worker's questions pushed my husband to contact the police department, which sent out an officer to collect the gun. And they were very excited to receive it because it was a small lady's handgun, perfect for training ops.

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