Sunday, November 8, 2009

Florida Resurrecting Unwed Mothers Homes

Adoption agency wants facility: Pregnant women would use residences

"Home at Last" (gag) Adoption Agency in Cocoa Beach to talk about a plan to buy a residential facility for birth mothers.

No, this is not satire. They are really calling it a home for birthmothers (?!) Think they plan to house  mothers AFTER they relinquish?

The proposed dedicated residential facility would be a group of apartments or efficiencies, would help the agency more easily serve pregnant women (or more easily serve themselves to their babies?).

The agency founder, Dr. Rachel Fornes, said: "It will give us easy access to the birth mothers. Right now we spend a great deal of time taking mothers to and from appointments."

At a meeting to spur donations,  "There was not a dry eye in the house."


Angelle said...

OK - how can we help stop this insanity?

Anonymous said...

How can you stop it? You can stop trying to destroy adoption, which creates families. You can focus on improving your local community so women who feel that they don't have any option but to place their baby will have support, instead of just bashing adoptive families. You can do what many of us in the adoption community do (both adoptive families and professionals) can work to improve the system for everyone.

AdoptAuthor said...

What we can all do is SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER!

What we MUST do is speak out about the need to provide Family Preservation not unnecessary adoption separations.

We must support the UN CRC and pressure the US to ratify to protect the rights of children and families to remain intact and keep adoption AS A LAST RESORT.

We can write our elected officials and tell them to vote against the repeated increases in tax benefits without limiting them to help the kids who need the help - special needs foster care kids who have no families they can be safely returned to because their parents right (rightly or wrongly) have already been involuntarily terminated.

Keep railing against the system: the multi-billion unregulated adoption industry that puts the needs of the only paying client in adoption above all else and even sells babies to pedophiles to make a buck; exports and imports with no concern the child's best interest just their bottom line.

Make our gvt help the guatemalan children who have been kidnapped and are living with American families who 'adopted" them.

Keep writing letters.

See new suggestion just posted in comments at The Adoption Feminist: Grieve Your Adoption Month

"You can focus on improving your local community so women who feel that they don't have any option but to place their baby will have support." YES! ABSOLUTELY!!

But, adoption as it is currently practiced needs to be destroyed. It is corrupt, coercive and exploitive!

This statement, nor anything I have ever written, is not a "bash" of adopters - it is bashing THE SYSTEM!

If you read my book you will see that I have a whole section on helping adopters avoid being scammed - something virtually impossible when there are no lines of demarcation between reputable agencies and unethical baby brokers. When fine, upstanding highly intelligent people trying to adopt for purely altruistic reasons, such as the Smolins, wind up unwittingly adopting two girls who were STOLEN from their mother, and now have to live with that.

If you are not equally outraged, you are not paying attention. I strongly suggest you do some reading. Start at Find the articles link. Then read The Lies We Love by E.J. Graff - a journalist with no ax to grind personally re adoption.

Then keep reading all the articles Reverse Robinhoodhism, and red thread/Slender Reed...and those by David Smolin who has become THE expert on child trafficking for adoption.

OH, yes...and also you MUST read: The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler to know why the last thing we need to revive is maternity homes! If you believe they will provide impartial support for all options you are living in la la land and I have a couple of bridges to sell you. this is an ADOPTION agency proposing this home. They are in the BUSINESS of placing babies for adoption. That's what pays their upkeep and salaries!

Mothers need NEUTRAL support, not pressure!

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