Sunday, November 8, 2009

Is Adoption Ever Wrong?

My NAAM proposal: If adoption's so great, who doesn't everyone give away one of THEIR kids??Let's just play Russian Roulette at every birth and give each baby born to the next passing stranger and so on until we redistribute every human being!

OK, that's just being silly. What we really need to do is just give every baby of the poor to a richer family. And every baby of the middle class to an ultra wealthy family and so on. I mean, kids DESERVE to ride in chauffeur driven Bentleys!  Give every baby of a teen to an older couple, though not TOO old.

We could every baby born to smokers to non-smokers. And babies born to the obese to slimmer parents Wouldn't that be a better world for everyone?

And that's why Angelina Jolie deserves all the babies she can get her hands on! She is slim, ultra wealthy and not too young or too old!  She's PERFECT and that's what every child deserves: the perfect mommy to hand him over to nannies to raise!

But perhaps I've missed something....

Is Adoption Ever Bad? 

In "honor" of NAAM, this (self-evident to us) question is being asked and discussed over at Momaroo where the blog poster seems to intimate that celebs who adopt are "picked on" by the media.

Remember: Blogging is a powerful tool! SERIOUSLY!  Minds DO get changed as witnessed recently in the case of Autumn.

So, please accept the invitation (challenge?) to let the readers of Momaroo know exactly what could possibly be wrong with a win-win pie-in-the-sky process such as the saving of unwanted children through adoption!

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