Friday, November 13, 2009

A Balanced Gender "Solution"!

Katherine MA Asbery is one of many mothers "suffering" with a new "heartbreaking" syndrome: gender disappointment. Mothers who give birth to a baby not of the gender of their preference.  Asbery found one way to cash in on the "epidemic" by wiring a book entitled Altered Dreams: Living with Gender Disappointment.

Asbery was so depressed that her third child was a boy, she wouldn't even say the sex. She called him "not a girl," and spent hours crying.

Christine Lich of Lindenhurst, Ill., always assumed she would have a girl. Instead, she got three boys.

"And they tell you it's a boy, it's like, ahhhh. For that short moment, you're kind of bummed in the back of your mind. There's not going to be any pink dresses. There's not going to be any scrapbooking. That's not going to happen," she said.

Why should any mother be forced to raise a kid who is a dismal disappointment to her because he has an outy when she wanted an inny?

Apparently girls are far more sought than boys.  

Why should anyone have to deal with disappointment. I mean this is America! And why should a child have to live with being second best or worse; feeling like a failure.

SOOO... given that these are healthy boys and given how many others would be so very grateful to have them...

Why not place them for adoption!?!  Isn't that what mothers who have "unwanted" children are supposed to do? Isn't it the "right thing" considering all the who long for a child and cannot have one?

I see a golden opportunity for an enterprising attorney or two - a cottage industry: sending these unwanted boy babies to China in exchange for their unwanted girls!

What d'ya think?


SustainableFamilies said...

lol! You forget, it's always "someone else" whose supposed to place. Not because it's excruciatingly painful or anything. Nooooo, adoption is a walk in the park, just should be emotionally and strategically encouraged for "those other women". Not normal women.

(i forget you might not know me yet: yes it's sarcasm) : )

Really enjoying your blog!

AdoptAuthor said...

Well, yes, but... These mothers could determine the gender pre-birth and have late term abortion! So it would be sooo much more noble a sacrifice! They could be pro-life martyrs.

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