Sunday, November 15, 2009

Angelina Adoption Rumor UPDATE

The tabloids are all abuzz that Angelina might add another (number seven, but whose counting) to her brood by adopting a girl from Syria who she met on a UN trip.

The buzz is all about the fact that Brad is not onboard and she might go it alone, speculating a breakup the tabloids - and many "fans" are breathlessly awaiting.

GossipCop brings up two issues of far more importance regarding the possible, rumored adoption itself:

First of all, during her recent visit Jolie met with refugees who had fled to Syria – not Syrians. So it’s more than likely that if she adopts a girl she met during the United Nations trip, she is not Syrian.

Second, if the girl is Syrian, she’d be exceptionally difficult for Jolie to adopt. Gossip Cop spoke with the Syrian embassy and confirmed that “securing custody of Syrian orphans for immigration is extremely difficult as adoption is essentially illegal in Syria.” Laws concerning personal status matters are handled by religious authorities in that country, and a Muslim child would not be possible to adopt. The fact that Angelina Jolie is unmarried and a foreigner count against her even more heavily.

While the tabloids focus on how Jolie’s “single-minded mission has caused a major rift” with Pitt, of course, they ignore whether the process might cause a major rift with the law.

So, this is one to watch...looks like another Madonna brouhaha could be brewing.

However, the Daily Mail is reporting that an Immigration and Naturalization Service spokesperson confirmed that Angelina Jolie did file adoption papers and that her name was the only name on the papers. If this is true, it's likely that one of two things is happening- either the child isn't Syrian but is a refugee who currently lives in Syria, or the Madonna effect is in motion and she will make large donations in order to be able to adopt even though the laws are against it.

Read interesting thoughts on the racist nature of Jolie's adoptions here.

I hope they are looking like a little "couple" for Halloween!

Or not...since this is obviously another day and Shiloh is still dressed like a mini Charlie Chaplin.

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