Monday, November 23, 2009

Latest Study Confirms Discrimination, Pain and Logings of Being Adopted

nThe Evan B. Donaldson study, the biggest of its kind, "Beyond Culture Camp: Promoting Positive Identity Formation in Adoption," examined two adult groups -- Korean-born adoptees and white adoptees, but the findings have relevance to adoptees of all races, according to executive director Adam Pertman.

Many of the 468 adult respondents said they experienced discrimination. More white adoptees (35 percent) than Korean (21 percent) indicated teasing simply because they were adopted.

About 86 percent said they had taken steps to find their birth parents and that finding them was the single factor that helped them gain a positive adoptive identity. 

ABC reports: Adoption Study says Identity Questions Lasta Lifetime; Urges open birth records

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z e n c h said...

I cannot translate "logings" in french.
What do you mean with : logings of being adopted?
Have you a better word for that term?

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