Monday, February 1, 2010

The Road to Hell ...

UPDATE on the continuing saga of the  Predators Arrested in Haiti posted yesterday, and updated.

"From what I know until now, this is a kidnapping case," Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive told CNN regarding The Baptist Ten. "Who is doing it, I don't know. What are the real objectives or activities, I don't know. But that is kidnapping, and it is more serious because it's involving children."

He added, "The children certainly were not fully willing to go, because in some cases, from what I heard, they were asking for their parents, they wanted to return to their parents."

The U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince downplayed accusations of kidnapping and child trafficking, claiming the Holy Rollers had been detained for "alleged violations of Haitian laws related to immigration."

George Willeit of SOS Children's Villages believes that at least 10 of the 33 children they were removing are not orphans.

The missionaries plan, as outlined here, called for them to arrive Jan 22; take a bus to Prt au Prince the following day and "gather
orphanages..." and bring them to their Dominican "refuge" on Jan 24th.

Their own words prove they had no intention of making any attpemt whatsoever to determine if the children they were snatching up were orphans or not!

So much for their claims of being well-intentioned! Is it well intentioned - or kidnapping - to walk into a supermarket in and grab any kid whose mother turns her head to select food?

And how do they justify plans to create Villas for adopting parents instead of spending that money to help the kids in Haiti!  This is KIDNAPPING with intent to BABY SELL, otherwise known as CHILD TRAFFICKING!  Wish I was on their jury!

Is this any different from Islamist militants accused of kidnapping thirteen Christian girls from a remote area of south-east Nigeria in May of 2008?  Did they have good intentions as well?  Two of the recovered  girls, Mary Chikwodi Okoye, 15, and Uche Edward, 14, were said to have been planned as brides for Muslim men to expand Islam.

The militant kidnappers also destroyed the Deeper Life Bible Church, St Mary's Catholic Church, All Souls Anglican Church, Church of Christ in Nigeria, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and the Redeemed Peoples Mission.  

Kidnapping of teenage Christian girls by Muslims, the pastor said, has become a recurring practice in Ningi. Muslims have kidnapped at least 13 Christian girls in the town, Christian sources said.
"These girls are usually kidnapped, forcefully converted to Islam, and then married out to other Muslim men against the will of both the girls and their parents," Joseph Abdu, pastor of Deeper Life Bible Church said.

Both incidents are kidnappings for the purpose of religious conversion. In both cases the victims were a commodity. Neither had the best interest of the victims in mind. One saved them from Christianity and the other for Christianity.

Will American Christians - Baptists - support or denounce them?

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Anonymous said...

I can't say whether Baptists will support or denounce these people. I know that if *I* have anything to do with it, my church will denounce them (I'm a Baptist... a Southern Baptist for that matter, tho only b/c of my church, not because of my actual beliefs.)

Zealots like this should be hung by their toes. There is always talk about how Muslims are on a rampage, their anger & their hate taking over the world for selfish reasons. This is the exact same thing.

Who are WE (whether Christian, American, whatever) to go IN to another country and take their children because WE know better than their own country in regards to their welfare! Man, this pisses me off.

What if another state welfare group had rushed in to New Orleans and scooped up children from the Super Dome to take them to an "Orphanage" or a "Center" in another state because they were going to "help the children"?

This would never happen in our own country yet there are plenty of people that it should happen with... including the adopters that raised most of us!

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