Monday, February 1, 2010

The NCFA is Infiltrating School Curriculum

BEWARE!  This is a big reason they are IN BED with the Religious Wrong!  The Religious Right has a long history of effecting change by getting "their people" on school boards. It is the easiest way - no elections, no petitions, no referendum. Just people filling open slots no one else wants or has time for. And voila! You have the ability to change the thinking of an entire generation. Get them young and innocent and mold their minds!

This suggestion is vile:

In the debate regarding sex education and the increase in teen pregnancies [news story, Jan. 26], one important component is blaringly absent from sex-ed curricula -- the adoption option.

The omission of a viable alternative is perplexing, given that the public holds an overwhelmingly favorable attitude toward adoption and that omitting adoption runs counter to the goal of schools to provide students with accurate information on all options available in cases of unplanned pregnancy.

Eight states have legislation requiring school districts to include adoption in their sex-ed curricula as a possible and positive outcome to an unplanned pregnancy. An informed decision to make an adoption plan can be highly beneficial for teenagers making tough choices. States that require adoption awareness education can serve as examples to those states yet to address this important issue. We urge all states to ensure that the adoption option does not get lost in the noise of the abstinence-only debate.

Elisa Rosman, Alexandria
The writer is director of research for the National Council for Adoption.

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Better still find out if it is in YOUR school districts curriculum and seek equal time or ask for it to be stopped.

Adoption has NOTHING whatsoever to do with sex education.  Adoption is far more a result of poverty.

What is needed in sex ed classes is in-depth explanation of the many the preventable causes of infertility: environmental contaminants, delayed childbirth, obesity, sexually transmitted disease, multiple abortions...

Not, "don't use boirth control and if you get pregnant adoption is a loving option!"  That is tantamount to recruiting baby-making brood mares in high school across the country!  URRRRGH!!

The following is my letter-to-the editor, which I hope they print:

Ellen Rosman (1/31/10) favors teaching high school children that it is ok to become pregnant as long as they make the "loving option" to give their child to others. Eight school districts have bought into this sales pitch from the National Council for Adoption (NCFA), Rosman's employer, who are lobbyists and marketing spokespersons for the multi-billion dollar adoption industry. The NCFA works closely with the Religious Right to promote "just say no" and pro-adoption agendas to increase their flock and to keep adoption agencies - including non-profits - in business by convincing mothers to relinquish their infants to meet a demand.

A generation ago it was believed that adoption wiped the slate clean and mothers would go on free of their “sin,” forget, have other children, as if nothing had happened. We know now that is not true.

The loss of a child to adoption is irrevocable and creates irresolvable grief along with a constellation of recognized lifelong affects such as increased chance of secondary infertility, depression, loss of self-esteem, shame, guilt and PTSD.

Losing a child to adoption is not something we want to portray in a positive light. No one wants their child to suffer a lifetime of grief.

If adoption is part of any curriculum it must be taught objectively and fairly, not glorified as a win-win “loving choice” as the NCFA does.
You can submit  letter-to-theeditor (under 250 words & include your name, address and phone) by sending it to:

The points in this letter make an excellent argument to your local school dstrict as well! Be Pro-active! Find out what they are teaching students in your hometown. Are you one of the eight states? Is your state about to become number 9 or 10?

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