Tuesday, February 23, 2010

U.S. Supreme Court Birth Certificate Decision

For DECADES I have said that we need to get the issue of falsified OBCs to The U.S. Supreme Court. A test case  - preferably a class act - that winds it way from state court all the wy to the U.S. Supreme court - that it is illegal and fraudulent for states to change certificates of BIRTH - the basis of all ID - the way they do!  And, yes, I know it was tried and failed. So what? Try again!

'Cause, guess what? The U.S. Supreme Court HAS ruled what states can and cannot do regarding birth certificates!  And why not? It has always been fully within their capability to rule what states cannot do!

In what is be hailed as a landmark decsion, the top court ruled that the US Constitution requires state officials across the country “to respect the parent-child relationships established by adoption decrees, regardless of the state where that decree is entered.”  

The case was brought by adoptive parents, Oren Adar and Mickey Ray Smith, who now live in San Diego, were living in Connecticut when they obtained an emergency adoption decree in New York state court to adopt the baby who was born in Shreveport, La. in 2005. T

The ruling allows two parents of the same gender to be listed as the parents of birth!


What about truth, justice and equality?

Well, if there was ever any doubt who had more clout, more backers etc. us or adopters...here's the final slap in the face.  The U.S. Supreme Court can make states act in their favor but F$*K us and our rights right down the toilet! 

The paying client is adoption always gets THEIR way and FLUCK adoptees and their original fmailies and their right. We do not exist. We are mere incubators and commodities!


legitimatebastard said...

This is just one more example of politically correct thinking that completely ignores the blatant truth. Britain did this two years ago by passing a law that allows two mothers or two fathers to be named on birth certificates over there --- because it is more important that we cater to the gay/lesbians than it is to preserve the historically correct and accurate birth facts that would ordinarilty go on a birth certifcate.

This is an outrage. This ruling must be overturned.

If not, I hope that the little boy adopted by these nutbags will someday realize what idiots he has for parents! All little kids ask for their mommies and their daddies, and this little boy will see with his own eyes that his adoptive parents willfully and intentional;y lied to him both in their actions and on his birth certificate. He may grow up to resent the parents who did this to him, which, as we adoptees know who have been lied to, happens all the time. Adoption lies last a lifetime.

AdoptAuthor said...

They not only lied to him,they went all the way tot U.S. Supreme Court to do so!

I would like to see this case used a PRECEDENT to get the U.S. Supreme Court to order states to cease ad desist falsifying individuals most basic for of identification.

I desperately want to see a class action suit begun in what is left of my lifetime!

I suggest it be initiated by a mother and her relinquished child. We need to find a a person or persons willing to be the litigant and more importantly an attorney to pursue it pro bono. But even we had ll of that, we'd still need to fund raise to cover expenses.

Cully said...

The court system has truly lost its mind. That it continues to give out fake birth certificates so that adults can live some kind of fantasy while the child they adopt has to exist and maneuver a life of lies is Nutz! Take into consideration that often the child is not told they are adopted - even though everybody else and their brother knows it. Then add the unanswered questions of who am I, who is my Mother, what am I and why was I adopted. And now, in the best interest of the child (yeah, right) we have the court producing (and the government agreeing to) an Amended Legal (?) birth certificate that declares this kid to be born of two fathers!! Holy guacamole... and they said it couldn't be done!

AdoptAuthor said...

AND, they tell expectant mothers that this is in our child's best interest!

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