Sunday, January 31, 2010

MORE Updates on the Predators Arrested in Haiti

Updated 1/31/10  11:19PM

Here is the scoop on the ten arrested for trafficking kids out of Haiti, reported here yesterday.

The misguided souls are from the  Central Vally Baptist Church, Meridian, ID. They created New Life Children’s Refuge for the purpose of "rescuing" Haitian "orphans" and bring them to 
Republic as an interim stop before they are adopted out.


The Associated Press reported:  

The church group's own mission statement said it planned to spend only hours in the devastated capital, quickly identifying children without immediate families and busing them to a rented hotel in the Dominican Republic without bothering to get permission from the Haitian government. Whatever its intentions, other child welfare organizations in Haiti called the plan reckless.

Laura Silsby, told the AP at Haiti's judicial police headquarters, where she and others were taken after their arrest Friday night trying to cross the border into the Dominican Republic in a bus....she had not obtained the proper Haitian documents for the children, whose names were written on pink tape on their shirts.

"One (8-year-old) girl was crying, and saying, 'I am not an orphan. I still have my parents.' And she thought she was going on a summer camp or a boarding school or something like that," SOS Children's Villages, where spokesman George Willeit said.

As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti is in a difficult spot - it needs aid, but deeply resents foreign meddling. Many have mixed feelings toward Christian groups that funnel hundreds of millions into missions in Haiti.

"There are many who come here with religious ideas that belong more in the time of the inquisition," said Max Beauvoir, head of Haiti's Voodoo Priest's Association, which represents thousands of priests and priestesses. "These types of people believe they need to save our souls and our bodies from ourselves. We need compassion, not proselytizing now, and we need aid - not just aid going to people of the Christian faith."

Silsby told the AP that she hadn't been following news reports while in Haiti, and didn't think she needed Haitian permission to take them out of the country. 

The Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, and the East Side Baptist Church in Twin Falls, Idaho, also involved, are part of the Southern Baptist Convention, which is America's largest Protestant denomination and has extensive humanitarian programs worldwide.

Their plans include Villas for adopting parents to stay while fulfilling 
visit as 
as Christian
 families, as well as a seaside/beachfront cafe. 

They will also provide grants and work with U.S. adoption agencies.

All this money sent to take kids away instead of helping families keep their kids!  And they call it God's calling! It is so sad when Christians mis-hear the voices and mis-interpret God's message.

But God works in mysterious ways and sometimes puts offenders in jail.

It's intersteing that the church's webpage is mute on the subject. No findraisers for attornyes to bail them out of this misbegotten mess.

NY Times reports: The Haitian prime minister told Reuters that “we did not arrest Americans, we arrested kidnappers,” and he said the missionaries could face serious charges.


Steve said...

Well...i gotta say it: Thank God they were caught.

Pardon the jerky logic...I am honestly beside myself with embarrassment and outrage.

The ignorance, arrogance, sense of entitlement, as well as plain old illegal behavior described in the simple facts stated...that are not disputed as far as I have heard....of transporting children across an international border without the country of origin's permission!!!!!

These people either:

1) are really stupid, and have not read a paper or watched TV in the last few years
2) or know nothing about international adoptions
3) or think Haiti is the devil, and therefore they do not have to abide by its laws[see #1],
4) or are lying through their teeth as to their real motive in all this.

I personally think the children will be better off, though still really hurting, if they stay in poor Haitian villages rather than be subjected to a sea side resort environment with changing ( 2 week suggested cycle) caretakers of tourist/missionaries.

Quick Quiz for your financially challenged readers: which would be more economically feasible/sustainable: Paying a full time staff of Haitians, who desperately need work, to be adequately trained, and then care for these children, or fly the same number in Americans teams down at $700 a pop, then ( I will guess here) $50 per diem to stay at the resort? Let's not even talk about legal fees!

I really appreciated your allusion to the voices they are listening to, and want to say here that I have heard the Lord's voice, and read his word, and no where does he suggest arrogance and insanity as a way to do his will. Or her will. God is beyond gender. These voices would have been better answered with Thorazine.

ElaineP said...

This is a total embarrassment to Americans. How arrogant to go in and scoop out children! And you know that they are getting tens of thousands of dollars to do this... It's a lot of money to adopt -- I am so glad that they're calling it what it is -- human trafficking... Paying to get a child is illegal, yet it's done over and over again. I hope that this sheds some light on the corrupt adoptions that take place all the time.
I did see on CNN today that Haiti is considering giving them over to USA and letting them be tried here. You wonder if they can just buy their way out of this...

AdoptAuthor said...

They will undoubtedly be tried here because haiti has enough to deal with an no infrastructure or funds to hold a trial.

In the U.S., they will get the "sympathy vote." They will be viewed as misunderstood - at best misguided - do-gooderes!

The Next Page said...

As a friend of the "missionaries", I am sick at what they have done. Read my blog post "May God have Mercy".

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