Monday, February 8, 2010

Six Flags Adoptions? Homegate Baby Mill?

Remember Baby Gabriel? Of course. Who could forget. Least of all his father.

Desperately searching for clues, Logan McQueary did his own PI investigative work, retracing the last known footsteps of Gabriels' mother Elizabeth Johnson.

He posted fliers and asked questions at the Subway next to her hotel, the Jack In The Box, and even a Papa Johns because Johnson's babysitter saw empty pizza boxes from the restaurant on her hotel room floor.....
After talking to an adoption expert who helps the FBI in the world of underground adoptions, the McQueary family learned some startling connections.
The Homegate Hotel where Johnson stayed is well known in adoption circles. Agencies put girls up there for meetings with families and to complete paperwork.“It just seems like it is a place that mothers go when they’re trying to give up their children,” said Lisa Peters, McQueary's cousin.  The adoption expert, who didn't want to be identified, also had plenty to say about the San Antonio Six Flags.
“Often girls go to Six Flags to meet with the adoptive family. There’s a lot of people in and out there, and there’s also security there, and it’s a safe place for both the mother and the family to meet, often to bring the child, introduce the child to the family,” said Lisa Peters.
Johnson and Gabriel were spotted on surveillance footage outside the Six Flags on Dec. 26, the same day she took the last known photos of Gabriel in the Homegate hotel room. That was also just two days after she posted two comments on her MySpace page stating, "Where there's a will, there's a way" and "Excited to start my new life."
It is believed he was taken for adoption to Miami, and hoping his mother, still in jail, did not kill him as she had threatened.
The adoption expert also told the McQuearys that because of recent changes in Texas law, the state is now one of the easiest to remove parental rights from a biological father.


Anonymous said...

Lisa Peters is Logan's cousin--she was just paraphrasing what the adoptions expert told them.

AdoptAuthor said...

Right! Thanks. It was unclear reporting.

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