Saturday, February 27, 2010

Let's Share Our True Stories about Adoption


A Kansas newspaper is asking for people to share their adoption stories.  This are asking specifically 

"Were you a child who found a great forever home through adoption?

"Perhaps you were the lucky parents who adopted a great child.
"We’d like to hear your stories about adoption or fostering."

Is it just me or do ya' think they have an AGENDA?  Note that they have not even thought to invite birth/first/natural mother stories, as if we don;'t exist at all in this equation.  Adoptees sprout from the cabbage patch.

Why don't we tell them our truths and see what they do?

The stories should be no more than 400 words and are due by March 12.
Feel free to send us a family photo with your story.
Send stories and photos to with “Adoption stories” as the title.

Robert Wilson Harrington McCullough commented:

"Interesting that the Newton, Kansas newspaper is asking for these stories.  Recently there has been a lot of outrage over the way that area's private contractor for foster and adoptive services has been very aggressive about terminating parental rights at the least allegation of abuse; it's become common for nasty divorcers to yank the kids into foster care just to get even.

Kansas made a decision some years ago to privatize foster care and home studies; the idea was to save money, but they are finding it is costing more.  Let's see, if you PAY a private company for each child they administer, the more they administer the more they make - isn't that what capitalism is all about, maximizing profits?  DUH!"

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