Monday, February 22, 2010

Adoption Hall of Shame: Baby Broker, Candace O'Brien, Esquire

I stumbled upon Candace O'Brien upon reading her biased, unsubstantiated, duplicitous, diatribe on 411Mommy bashing UNICEF as being "anti-adoption."

My reply is "pending approcal."

Her rhetoric sounded almost word for word out of the mouth of Professor Bartholet.

"UNICEF has been waging war against international adoption for many years...UNICEF's tough and effective pressure tactics and  lobbying efforts towards developing nations calling for ratification of the Hague Treaty for the Protection of Children and implementation of adoption law and policy models which effectively serve to close programs completely or almost completely to foreign adopters belies a misguided, unrealistic and out of touch policy contrary to the best interests of hundreds of thousands of legitimately orphaned and abandoned children around the world....Another example of misguided criticism regarding international adoption is in Malawi, where the infamous Madonna adoption took place."

So I began to dig to see if there was any connection between the two most vocal UNICEF bashing pro-adoption profiteers - fully expecting to find O'Brien on the board of one of Bartholet's front organizations such as Act for Adoption.  But, it seems these two sleazy attorney/baby brokers both simply follow the same pattern of knocking the real do-gooders so they can keep raking in the money.

O'Brien is far from an adoption angel!  Her agency, AdoptInternational  began as a for profit and changed over to not-for-profit in an attempt to become Hague compliant. However, their application was denied hague accreditation, at least in part for her claiming on the agency website it was accredited when it was not.

There is a lot more about this unscrupulous baby broker, including sexual harassment charges, but I will let you read it for yourselves here and thank Daniel and Elizabeth Case for their thorough investigation of this Hall of Shame Winner!


Anonymous said...

I wonder why you are so full of sour grapes.i know Candace O'Brien to be of fine character

Mirah Riben said...

Just quoted her and stated fact about her agency.

Anonymous said...

I seriously dislike Candace O Brien. She is a money making bitch. She wants to pretend to be on your side until she gets paid. Then she switches roles to who ever is filling her pockets. I dislike her & no one should ever use her services.

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