Monday, February 22, 2010

False Pregnancy: A Twenty First Century Scam

Along with emails promising you millions of dollar, another crime has come into existence that never existed in prior years: women pretending to be pregnant and seeking to place their babies for adoption.

I believe that in addition to the considerable cash this con game yields, it is also appealing for the attention - the fawning over these women that they have probably never received in their lives.

The most recent case is that of Amber Hope Jackson, 28, of Indianapolis.  She is apologizing now (see video here) for scams that stretched from Indiana to Utah, and involved four couples and two adoption agencies - including Bethany Christian Services in Indianapolis - exploited for cash.

Clayton and Kay Younggreen of Laporte, who say they gave Jackson more than $3,000 dollars. "They also snapped a cell phone picture of her posing with Santa Clause, fake belly and all, during a shopping trip to buy Christmas presents for her and her five children."

I am by no means justifying, defending, or making light of this type of behavior. I do, however, want to state loudly and clearly that it is the baby brokerage aspect of adoption today that creates this opportunity.  It is the pre-payments allowed to be made to expectant mothers - a violation of the intent of laws that prevent contracting to purchase a human being - that opens the door and allow people to get themselves into these scams.   

Additionally, Jackson is charged with ADOPTION DECEPTION along with fraud and forgery. 

How many legitimately pregnant, scared and confused women were DECEIVED - victims of adoption adoption deception by our agencies?


Triona Guidry said...

Another of the agencies involved with this is here in the town where I live. They work specifically with infant adoptions. I agree that it is the nature of the way infant adoption is conducted in this country that leads to these sorts of scams.

AdoptAuthor said...

Whenever there are large sums of money involved, there will be greed and corruption.

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