Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Handy Do-It-Yourself Guide...Not Just How To Adopt, but...

How To Start Your Own Adoption Agency - Anyone Can, Ya' Know!!

A self-identified financial and investment advisor - and DJ! - tells you all you need to get into the baby trade:

1/ Industry Knowledge
2/ Market Research
3/ Business Plan
4/ Getting familiar with adoption laws (Hague compliance for international adoptions not mentioned)
5/ IRS laws and regulations
6/ Other sources of gathering information

Notice anything about knowledge of child welfare? Edumacation or certification in the field of social work?

Of course not, because none is required!  Used car salesmen and former beauty queen/airline hostesses can own adoption agencies or act as facilitators, and do!

How VULGAR that children are treated as simple commodities, their lives as supply and demand business transactions for profit.  How repugnant that our government not only allows it, but supports and encourages this human trafficking with tax credits.
A Multi-Billion Dollar UNREGULATED Adoption Industry!

NOTE: This is the same disgusting website that just yesterday brought us Candace O'Brien's rant against the United Nations.

Who runs this 411Mommy site is a mystery....but then I'd be ashamed to have my name attached to such vile material.  Seems anyone can post anything on this blog, but I have yet to figure out how ...

One post claims she forced her 16 year old daughter to give her baby up for adoption as punishment for staying out beyond her curfew!  Another asks if records should be unsealed and only has two comments so far.

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