Monday, February 22, 2010

Rendell's Folly

Back on January 19 - just days after the earthquake, Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell brought a planeload of 53 Haitian orphans to Pennsylvania.

His plan was every bit as wrong and ill thought out as that of the missionaries who wound up arrested -- worse, because he succeeded in getting the children out of the country.

The celebrated trip to Haiti to bring back orphans to Pennsylvania got him some terrific state and national press, and a minimal bump in his slumping ratings. At what pice?

SCOOP: A news story that has not yet broken.

I have it from a VERY RELIABLE news source who is investigating the story, that 12 of the children are stranded in an orphanage in PA as their heritage is sorted out while Rendell remains focused on his own legacy.

Congratulation Gov. rendell on being the second nominee into my 2010 Hall of Shame.

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