Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ethiopian Child Trafficking for Adoption

Ethiopia has turned into fertile ground for child trafficking – a country in which some American agencies and their staff engage in highly questionable conduct, according to CBS News.

Many children brought to the U.S. are not orphans, prospective parents are misled about a child’s health and background, and local families are recruited – and sometimes even paid – to give up their kids.

Christian World Adoption, founded in 1991 by Bob and Tomilee Harding.  The non-profit agency took in nearly $6 million dollars in 2008 – charging a fee of about $15,000 per child.  A 2007 video shows Christian World representatives entering an Ethopian village and appearing to recruit children from poor villagers – an unethical practice against Ethopian law.

At this link read about three sisters whose age was misrepresented as younger than they are and whose father is very much alive, despite telling prospective adopters he and their mother was deceased.They were also led to believe they were coming as exchange students.

Yet, no report of any plans to help them return to their father and extended families.


maryanne said...

Here is what happened to two African adoptees in their Fundamentalist Christian home: 1 dead, one seriously injured, beaten with a rubber hose.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the fundies are all adopting now. Scary. And since fundie Christians homeschool their kids, so nobody will ever know if those children are being abused.

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