Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterbacking in Haitian Kidnapping Case

The Wall Street Journal reports that Laura Silsby and the nine other U.S. missionaries detained in Haiti's quake-devastated capital and investigated for alleged abduction will be questioned today by the magistrate designated last week to conduct the probe, officials said over the weekend.

Note the change in separating out Silsby and the nine, instead of identifying them as 10 missionaries.

After an initial probe, a Haitian judge last week ordered that the missionaries be formally investigated. Most international media interpreted the ruling as meaning the Americans were being formally charged.

But Mazar Fortil, the government prosecutor who handled the initial probe, said over the weekend that charges only come at the end of the second, formal investigation, which could take weeks or months. The confusion came over the translation of the French word "inculpation," which is often wrongly interpreted as "inculpate." 

Another interesting "lost in translation" item is this comment that clearly indicates the haitan parents - often noted for simply handing over their babies - have no concept of the permanence of American adoption:

Many of the children's relatives have backed the missionaries' claims, saying they willingly gave them their children in the hopes they could be educated at an orphanage the group planned to build in the Dominican Republic.

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