Friday, March 5, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

NBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" premiered tonight featuring Sarah Jessica parker who calls her genealogical search "intensely meaningful."

Seven celebrities will embark on what is being called "the journeys of their lives--the quest to discover the genealogical roots of who they are" on what the show calls "a journey of self-discovery."

The show is produced by Lisa Kudrow, who ironically portrayed a young women who dealt with the difficulties of never knowing her father on the series "Friends."

"This show personalizes history and turns it into a gripping narrative," said Kudrow. "The most striking thing about the show is the realization of how connected we all are."  Unless, of course, you're adopted!

Sarah, like anyone doing their family genealogy is legally allowed access to documents - for free from public libraries, etc. - about her great, great, great grandparents including the knowledge that one of her distant foremothers was accused of witchcraft in Salem, MA.

Yet adoptees are disallowed knowing their mothers and fathers and disallowed THEIR OWN birth certificates!  The dichotomy is stunning.

Sarah found her "belonging" and will now pass this rich heritage on to her son and her...surrogate twin babies?

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