Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adoption Truth Subverted AGAIN

All week my posts have had a common theme: there are facts, studies, research...evidence of the harm of adoption. These facts have been known since the records became sealed.  But they are kept surprised. Books and articles will never get published because they go agents the tide. I know this all to well! Get one adoptive parent on an editorial board and wham! Censored.

Just as in all research, it is affected by its funding in the same way media bends to its advertisers.  As a result, studies go unfunded because they might prove "unpopular" or "unpleasant" facts.

In my first book in 1988 I called for several post-adoption studies: to determine the percent of adoptees in all types of youth facilities, mental hospitals and prison as compared to the general populace; to compare the divorce rate of couples who adopt as compared to those who do ot; to compare the rates of sexual abuse - including between siblings - in adoptive homes compared to non-adoptive homes, as we know the rate is higher in foster care and attribute it to absence of kinship taboo; suicide rates of adoptees compared to non-adoptees.

Were any of these studies ever undertaken? No. And if a study does come out stating that adoptees experience anxiety, depression, feelings of rejection, feelings of helplessness, doubts, fears, isolation, abandonment...they are pp0o-pooed and the lobbyists for the baby brokers put out there studies to "prove" that everything is just peachy keen in adoptionland and everyone is happy, fa-la-la....

On top of that, facts about child trafficking are treated the same way.  "It's just an anomaly."  "Don't stop all adoptions because a FEW are tainted!"  We turn our heads and ignored proven cases of kidnapping for adoption. Our nation does nothing to even investigate them - in violation of internationally treaties! So powerful is the adoption lobby and so under its spell are our legislators.

WHY? Because telling the truth about adoption is bad for business. It's like being a whistle blower in the pharmaceutical industry.  It's like having said a generation ago that tobacco was dangerous! And just like then, people are DYING as a result of lack of access to their original birth certificates and thus an inability to find out their family medical history. Others commit suicide because of the despair and  discrimination. How many mothers have committed suicide not being able to live with feeling betrayed by lies and wondering if the child they lost to adoption is alive and well and knowing how badly they are thought of for letting their own flesh and blood go... Do we know? Does anybody CARE?

And just as those who speak about about other dangers are labelled whistle blowers (as if that's a bad thing) we are supposed to be stopped by being labeled "bitter" "ungrateful" and 'anti-adoption." You bet I am!!

And now this...MaryAnne Jolie, a respected colleague and one of the few brave souls who bucks the tide and exposes the truth has done it yet again...

Adoption watchdog suppresses Ethiopia findings

By Mary Ann Jolley for Foreign Correspondent
Updated Tue Mar 2, 2010 12:42pm AEDT
Katie Bradshaw with some of her adopted children
One of Katie Bradshaw's adopted children was told by the adoption agency that she was going to the US on a study trip. (Supplied)

A powerful international adoption overseer is refusing to release the results of its inquiry into the disturbing activities of American adoption agencies operating in Ethiopia.
The inquiry was launched after ABC TV's Foreign Correspondent exposed deep and dangerous flaws in the system.
The Joint Council of International Children's Services (JCICS) says it has completed its probe, but to release its conclusions would not be "appropriate".
Foreign Correspondent's story last year exposed a dysfunctional, largely unregulated adoption industry in Ethiopia, where children were being harvested from families, and mothers claimed they were tricked into surrendering their children. Full story here

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