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From Grown in My Heart, the blog of an adoptive mom comes a long post but a MUST READ reprinted from First-Moms, Issues — By FauxClaud on March 9, 2010.

The following are just a tiny few excerpts to wet your appetite:  

By 2012, Adoption Will be a 5 BILLION Dollar Plus Industry 

Even the banking and insurance industry has more regulations applied to then than adoption and we know what they do to try and make money at all costs.

An industry analysis of Fertility Clinics and Adoption Services by Market Data Enterprises of Tampa, FL, has placed a $1.4 billion value on adoption services in the US back in’ 99. No other government or private agency has bothered since then. With a projected annual growth rate of 11.5% to 2012, this makes adoption the largest unregulated industry in the US.
Do the math; even if we follow those conservative projections, because the market has exploded since this last study was done making 11.5% is very mild of a percentage, we have a number that is in excess of 5 billion dollars by the end of 2012 with a growth rate of at least a half billion a year and growing.
adoption industry facts

Adoption Laws In the USA are Antiquated

Birthmother Grief is Real and Traumatic and Lifelong

Many, many mothers did indeed lose their children to adoption and suffer what can only be described as a real diagnosis of “birthmother grief”.
Whether they were downright forced and given no choice, or if they were made to believe they had a choice, but still felt they had no other options, or whether they felt they had options, but were not really given the accurate information regarding long term ramifications of relinquishment for them and for their child. These are women who are and could have been good parents. These children were in no danger of being bump around in foster care for years. No threat of abuse. If it was not for the happy adoption seduction dance of coercion, these families would just be. They would have parented. Maybe they would have had a few first years of lean times, maybe it would have been hard, but look at us now? Suz, Jenna, PoorStatue, Barb for example; all hard working, goal minded, strong willed ladies. I doubt any of us would have sunk to child beating, crystal meth, stripping, and getting beaten by our men just because we had a baby in tow. In fact, I dare to say that we would be more apt not to, because of the need to love and provide for our kids.

Note: An excellent point made is that along with everyone else who turns a blind eye and doe snot want to face the truth about adoption are some birth moms :

Many do not want to look at it deeply and fully. It really can hurt emotionally, in a way that is completely indescribable and words could never do justice.  Often, by the time we do allow ourselves to feel deeply regarding the relinquishment of our children, we have years invested in self denial.  Because it cannot ever be undone and all we can do is live though the time, mothers and fathers who relinquish their child to adoption have a great resistance as well and often, anger, at seeing adoption in a real light. This is especially true for newer first mothers who still must function at a level for survival as they work through their grief.

There is a huge difference between child protection and child surrender.

One of my favorites lines from this excellent post is this one:

Don’t Dismiss The Adoption Message with Generalizations: I may generalize and state that “adoption is bad”, BUT I don’t mean YOUR adoption necessarily.

It is excellent! An article to be passed around widely. It’s only a shame that this was not published in a “real” magazine where it would get wider readership. I will share it with my press colleagues in the hope of getting some of the really juicy quotes “out there.”

Excellent delivery of FACTS and excellent portrayal of the emotions behind the issues and why the facts are kept hidden. KUDOS!!  Here again is the link.

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You are very gracious to link to Jenna's blog.

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