Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another Father's Rights Bashed

Man FATHER fighting for son his ex gave up for adoption loses in Nebraska Supreme Court

JOSH FUNK Associated Press

9:11 AM CST, March 5, 2010
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Six years after his son's birth, a northeast Nebraska man has lost his fight for custody of the boy.

Matthew Ashby of Meadow Grove had alleged that a state welfare worker allowed his newborn son to be taken for adoption by an Alabama couple without his permission.

But the Nebraska Supreme Court refused to reinstate Ashby's lawsuit against his ex-fiancee, the welfare worker, the boy's adoptive parents and a law firm involved in the case. The court's ruling was released Friday.

Ashby had accused his ex-fiancee, Monica Kilmer, of conspiring with Douglas and Tammy Black of Montgomery, Ala., and others to deprive him of his parental rights.

The high court upheld an earlier ruling in favor of the adoptive parents and other defendants.


msusiecu said...

This is sickening, yet all too common. Twenty years of networking with those affected by adoption and it is still happening. Shame on this judge. My heart and prayers go out to this man. Someday his son will know his dad fought for him and he will be angry.
This comes from a mother from the "baby scoop era". They are still stealing babies.

William Kilmer said...

Matthew, I know how you feel. I am William Kilmer. I am Monica Kilmers ex-husband. We were divorced in 2010 cause she wanted to be with her new man (and was engaged to him 4 months after the divorce) Not to mention was cheating on me with him since 2008 to 2010 (cause they met at their work at Walmart) I am the father to her three daughters but she Refuses to let me see my kids or even talk to my kids. Her new man has said "I am their father now"... Even though court orders her to give me visitation and phone contact she still refuses and has since 2011. She gave up custody of one of our daughters in 2011 (and gave me custody) just to take custody away from me 2 months later to give our daughter to her parents (monicas parents) in Kansas. So not only taking my daughter away from me, but moving her 11 hours from her own sisters. Yet Nothing is done about it and the courts turn a blind eye. She uses my kids against my family telling me father in 2013 that "if you tell William that you are seeing the kids on Thanksgiving, I will not allow you to see the kids" This woman is a heartless bitch after money (after taking money from my family for 7 years of the marriage and not working til the end of the marriage), she ended up bleeding me and my family out of 30,000+ dollars! (then proceeded to still get about 10,000 out of my family and me during the divorce process by lying to us about "the divorce is off".. but really her and her new man Justin Herganrader scammed me and my family) Matthew I am sorry this happened to you, and I wish there was something I could do to help you get your son back. (as much as I would like my daughters) This world truly has heartless people in it!

Mirah Riben said...

William, that's AWFUL!!

Interference with visitation is a CRIME!

William Kilmer said...

Yes sir, I know it is a crime. Been a crime she has been committing for 5 years now. No matter how many emails or messages that are sent to her, telling her that she is breaking the law committing Parental Contempt of Court (possibly other charges too) she ignores them. I have sent her my number, I have said email me.. I have to her to call me cause I want to talk to my daughters, and that I want to see my daughters. I have been through hell cause of this woman (Monica Desiree Taylor *Kilmer*) since the divorce, and she honestly put me through hell for 7 years of the marriage. (cheating behind my back, blatant lies on restraining orders *that got dropped immediatly*, and then blatant lies in divorce court) She uses people for money, she blatantly keeps children away from their father. (As she has done with Matthew Ashby and myself) The hardest part is that nothing has been done about her, and she has been free to do as she has been doing..

Mirah Riben said...

Have you taken her court for that specific issue: denial of visitation rights??

William Kilmer said...

I am working on it, the biggest issue is affording the lawyer fees to do such a thing. (most of the lawyers I have spoken with want $2500 for retainer fee's) I can not afford such a thing at this time. (I am getting married in July) I plan on taking her to court and fighting for custody of my daughters. I will not bow down and let her take my fatherly rights away and won't let her keep breaking the law. I have had friends tell me I should use fundme (some website) to try to fund raise funds to pay for my attorney, I am just not how well that would look. I really don't know what I can do though and it is very frustrating. It is really frustrating because I know I am not the only father that has been screwed over by Monica, cause Matthew also has been ripped away from his child. I know the ends and outs of Matthew Ashby's case cause I was married to Monica Kilmer (Taylor) during the case. I was impervious to the truths until after the divorce happened, and that is when I truly found out that Monica is exactly as portrayed in the case. She is heartless and also a very big gold digger. She isn't just effecting me when it comes to my daughters, she is also effecting my family who wants to see the girls but doesn't get too. What kind of heartless woman keeps the children from their father and from their grandparents. (What kind of heartless woman gives up on one of the children, has them go live with their father and then 2 months later takes them from their father to have them move in with her grandparents 11 hours away from her sisters...) What kind of judicial system turns a blind eye to this, and also allows guardianship to the grandparents (even after the father "me" had filed a response saying I want custody of my daughter. In a state 'kansas' where grandparents do NOT have parental rights over the parents) It is just sickening on how fathers are treated when it comes to children. Something needs done as a whole for protecting fatherly rights, cause right now fathers have no protection when it comes to our rights. Matthew has all the rights to the custody of his son, but has been denied it. I have rights to my daughters and am denied it by their mother (and by a blind judicial system) It is frustrating...

Mirah Riben said...

Have you read Richard Gardener's book on Parental alienation? Having Been down this road myself when my children were teens, I STRONGLY urge you to re-think putting them through a custody battle. If you truly want is best for them, not vengeance on your ex, you will let go and let them come to you in their own time....or not. It is not the easy choice. But it is the only choice that puts the needs and best interests of your childrne before yours.

Letting go of "she's wrong" and I am 'right" is not an easy letting go, nor is letting of our children. It is the noble, Solomanic path.

I also URGE you to let go of language such as "bitch" and "gold-digger" - again, for the sake of your children.

Our children are far wiser than we give them credit for being. They will know intuitively who is "right" and who is "wrong" but in the end they need permission to love both of and not be put in a position of choosing. that is as cruel as Sophie's choice. No loving parents should make a child chose sides. They need to love both their parents - or in some cases all of their parents. That is th ebest gift you cna give your children. Be kind in word and deed toward their mother, no matter how you feel. Keep those feelings tightly locked inside you or between you and your new wife ONLY. Your hate of their mother is POISON to their souls. They are OF their mother. Her blood runs through their veins. They have her genes. To hate her is to hate them. Don't do it!!!

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