Monday, March 22, 2010

Universal Health Care Helps Families in Crisis

Starting 2014 insurers will be barred from turning down people with pre-existing medical problems, and the government will provide tax credits to help millions of working families buy coverage they can't afford now.

Tax credits to help pay for premiums will start flowing to middle-class working families, and Medicaid will be expanded to cover more low income people. Households making up to four times the poverty level - about $88,000 for a family of four- will be eligible for assistance. But the most generous aid - including help with copayments and deductibles - will be for those on the lower-to-middle rungs of the income scale.

When all is said and done, the majority of working-age Americans and their families will still have employer-sponsored coverage, as they do now. But the number of uninsured will drop by more than half. Illegal immigrants would account for more than one-third of the remaining 23 million people without coverage.

Coming soon: Roughly a third of people in their 20s are uninsured, so allowing young adults to remain on their parents' plans until 26 would be a significant new option for families. This may help some expectant mothers avoid being at the mercy of adopters to pay their medical bills.

Starting this year would prevent insurers from canceling the policies of people who get sick, from denying coverage to children with medical problems, and from putting lifetime dollar limits on a policy.

Not soon enough for all the family struggling to survive - the families losing their homes - or children - or going bankrupt because of one major illness.

I am proud to be an American today for the first time in a long time! I agree with Nancy Pelosi who said: "It's on a par with passing Social Security and Medicare." Ted Kennedy's dreams have finally come true!

What is hard for me to understand are protesters with signs calling this legislation "UnAmerican!"

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Anonymous said...

The reason why I am against it is because I think this bill has been rushed. Why not take a little longer & iron out all the loopholes? I am also against it on a personal level as this will encourages adoption, & the adoption industries greed. Abortion services are not included for women, yet Viagra for men is covered.

Do I think that the health care industry is overpriced. ABSOLUTELY! There a quite few reasons for that too, not just the greed that motivates these companies. I worry how much this bill is going to affect future generations who come after us. Out medicare system is a mess, we are currently involved in 2 wars, we just bailed out Wall street..where is all this money coming from? Yet our debt as a nation is at 12 TRILLION dollars and rising (

I am against this bill for the reasons you listed earlier in your entry titled: Must read article

As a health care worker of 10 years, I can tell you how much good this bill will do. I believe it is that good that outweighs the bad; hence why it was passed.

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