Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Throw-Away Child: Adoption Give Back

Reversing Adoption of 17 year old?

Okay, so, this isn’t an easy ask, but I am the end of my rope! My husband and I had adopted a girl (14 at the time) that we were told definately didn’t have reactive attachement disorder (RAD – look it up if you’re unfamiliar). She also has ADHD. Nevertheless, we have done attachment therapy for three years and tried over and over with this child. She is fully disruptive and mean to us and the other kids in the home. Now she refuses schooling and anything else that will prepare her for the world. My question is, does anyone know how to start the proceeding to un-adopt her? Not what I want to do as a mother of 6 adopted children, but I really don’t know how I can live one more day with this child in my home. I am fully aware of the moral obligation that we have taken on, but in reality, we really didn’t want this type of responsibility of anyone that it is impossible to attach with. Please help with PRODUCTIVE answers. Thank you.

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