Friday, March 5, 2010

Marie Osmond Doesn't Miss a Beat

There is no lack of fingers of blame being cast toward Marie and her son's suicide.

Was it because he was adopted? Depressed? Or gay? All of the above, likely, and complicated by his adoptive family practicing  Mormonism. 

One of Marie's children, a daughter, is reportedly also gay. And the family is Mormon. Despite the Mormon Church support of a local Salt lake City ordinance banning discrimination against gay men and lesbians in housing and employment, they remain actively opposed to same sex relationships. In its statement backing the ordinance, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said that while it remained “unequivocally committed to defending the bedrock foundation of marriage between a man and a woman,” the question of how people were treated on the job and in finding places to live were matters of fairness that did not have anything to do with marriage.

Because family is such an important part of LDS doctrine and culture, adoption and abortion can create unique concerns and questions within the LDS community. Adopted children become "sealed" to their adoptive family in a sect which puts great value on genealogy, a dichotomy which is bound to cause confusion and pain for the adopted into the religion, just as those adopted Jewish families in which the line of ethnicity is carried by the mothers blood line.

As with my own daughter, we will never be able to pinpoint which cause was "the" precipitating or more prominent factor in Michael jumping to his death.

As for Marie, she will attend Michael's' funeral on Monday and on Tuesday?  Marie and her brother Donny will resume their Las Vegas show The Donny and Marie Show the following day.

Some have said that work is therapeutic for Marie, but...geez...does she not even care about APPEARANCES, as in how cold that look, not as in a stage appearance?

As a mother who lost a child, I find it totally disrespectful.  But then it's what she did when Michael went into drug rehab.

 Prayers for other kids, especially others who are adopted and/or gay.

UPDATE: Sunday, March 7
The National Enquirer's front page headline that reads, "Marie Osmond Suicidal after Gay Son Leaps 8 Floors to His Death." It reported that Marie Osmond's son, Michael Blosil (a/k/a Michael Bryan), committed suicide last week. He was to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. There has been some speculation about Michael's possible sexual orientation, but the Enquirer appears to be the first to quote any source. However, they allow that source to remain an anonymous "family insider." It's also reported that Michael was an adopted child who Marie and her ex-husband had raised, that he suffered from severe, lifelong depression and had entered rehab at 16. No reason was given why or what type of rehab treatment it was to be at that time. Parts of a suicide note, according to multiple reports, said he felt alone, and that the second half of the note was dedicated to a close female friend. Last May, Marie Osmond revealed that another of her eight children, daughter Jessica, was a lesbian and that she loved her, but stopped just short of saying that she approved of her daughter's plans for a gay wedding.


Anonymous said...

How cruel to make such awful comments about this poor lady at what has to be the most awful time in her life.However she chooses fit to act to get her through sad time is hers and her families buisness and no one elses.They seem like the most wonderful poised and caring human beings left on this planet.God bless Michael,and rest in peace.

AdoptAuthor said...

What did I say that was awful? That he was adopted? That he was gay? Or that she plans to go to work the day after she buries him?

The Improper Adoptee said...

Michael wasn't gay Mirah.

AdoptAuthor said...

His homosexuality - or assumed or probable homosexuality - is being reported in the press and while alleged and likely will never be validated, I find no denials of these reports.

The Improper Adoptee said...
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Anonymous said...

One of my children died at a young age. My husband couldn't go to work for weeks, but he could participate in "fun" type activities. They were an excape for him. I was the opposite. My escape was work. I volunteered, and my house was never cleaner. If I didn't keep busy, I felt terrible. Give Marie a break. Let her do whatever "she" needs to do to deal with her loss. My husband and I dealt with our loss in different ways. Neither of us was wrong--we were both right.

The Improper Adoptee said...

Mirah-I want to elaborate more on my last comment. When I said that gay activists hog everything, I meant, they never speak out against the discrimination towards us, and that angers me. And secondly, I had written a blog way back and used a picture of a little boy with duct tape on his mouth to symbolize how the Adoption Industry silences us. Well, a year later, a big group of gay people, who were protesting what happened with Prop. 8 put duct tape on their mouths, and I just felt like they stole that-futhermore, gays are Adoptiing from foreign countries where infants and children could be stolen and some gay couples are choosing Closed Adoption. They are not helping at all bringing to light all the corruption in the Adoption Industry and the bigotry in Adoption laws. So hence we have another group of people who only care about themselves, which is the last thing we need. Also, it is a statistical fact that there are more children molested by gay couples than straight couples. I saw the stats on a website. Georgia Tann was gay. And some those preists who molested alter boys were from NAMBLA. And even if a gay couple hates NAMBLA the risks of a child encountering a member of this hate group are much, much higher if they are around people in the gay community. This disturbs me. Nothing I am saying is discrimatory towards the gay community. What I have said are just facts that need to be dealt with.

AdoptAuthor said...

I am sorry for your loss and fully acknowledge that people mourn differently. But you did not go out work IN PUBLIC. I think some respect is due the dead, even if it is contrary to what WE may need. That's my opinion. Sorry.

John Travolta, who I am not a fan of, had the decency not to appear in public after his son died for a respectable amount of time. He or his wife may have been dancing their sox off at home. but they kept it private.

Because Marie's son was an adopted, there is bound to me more scrutiny and criticism of how she has and continues to treat him. s a mother who was told losing my child to adoption would be in her best interest, I am OFFENDED. It feels like a slap in the face and disrespectful to the mother who bore him to do what she is doing.

She went to work when he was having drug problems. What message did that give HIM, let alone the public? Did they perhaps contribute to his ultimate demise feelings she ALWAYS put work before him???

A parent needs to be sensitive to their children's needs. She always only appeared to be all about herself. Sorry again. I cannot help but see her as a quintessential ego maniacal, vain, self-centered, narcissist.

She may in fact be a lovely person, and I m well aware that she has a HUGE fan base of people fawn over her and love her. But, ya know what they say: you can;t please all the people all the time.
As a public figure she has to accept the gushing fans and the hater. I am not a hater, but that is the image of her I see and I, personally, disgaree with her set of priorities....being far more worried about her eight at 50 than her kids who are having obvious issues dealign with life.

She is like Kate Gosselin. Have 8 kids and then concern yourself with your TV image and career! Not in my book, sorry!

The Improper Adoptee said...

"Fun activities"? Who can have fun when they are grieving. I swear I know people who have spent more time greiving over lost pets then both Anon's think Maire should greive over Michael. Didn't women used to wear black for a whole year while they greived their dead husbands? Yet there she will be, shaking her bootie in Vegas next week. NO ONE is that good of an actress that they can fake being happy on stage when someone they are supposed to of loved jumped out of a five story window. And no one who really loved someone even should...she shouldn't appear in public for at least 6 months, and Mirah I am supporting you totally on this one.

AdoptAuthor said...

I agree. The anons are most undoubtedly fanatical FANS who don't want a disparaging word spoken about their idol. They are major fans who follow every word written on the internet about "their" Marie and that is how they got here!

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