Saturday, September 12, 2009

Titillating Sex Scandal or Adoption's Shameful Risk?

Many of us are familiar with the the term genetic sexual attraction. If not, you can red about on Wikipedia, or on the website of Barbara Gonyer who first coined the phrase and wrote a book by that tile.

GSA is a string physical attraction that may or may not lead to an incestuous affair or relationship between a parent and child or siblings who have been separated by adoption and meet after decades apart.

Some of these cases make headlines with the newspapers of course exploiting the very titillating aspects of it for voyeurs. If one party is a minor, it will very likely make the paper, as there are often criminal charges involved in such cases.

Such is he case for Aimee Louise Sword, 35, of central Michigan accused of "seducing" the son she found, sexual abuse of a minor. His name and age are withheld because he is a minor. She maintains her "presumption of innocence,"

GSA can occur totally by accident. Two strangers meet and find themselves oddly drawn to one another. A feelings of always having known one another - soul mates. They begin dating and at some point, sometimes not until they plan to marry or are already married, they discover that they were siblings, or mother and child, separated by adoption.

GSA can also occur subsequent to an intentional search and reunion but the feelings are so intense that the parties act on them to some degree even knowing their biological relationship.

Those who have read the book or heard one of Barbara's presentations on the issue, will hopeful fill in more, such as how many actually marry and remain together after knowing the truth.

This is a case we'll have to watch. Wonder of David Kirschner who often testifies on behalf of adoptees who kill their parents, using ACS as a defense, has ever testified in any of these cases. Seems there are definite circumstance beyond the norm to be taken into account. It's you son, but yet a stranger. We have all experienced that in reunion. No doubt it was also statutory. I doubt she forced him against his will.

Should not the American adoption system be tried? Isn't the abnormality of the sealed records and the secrecy - the denial of these people to know on another from early on in a more "normal" or traditionl manner at least art of the problem?

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