Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bartholet Debunked Again!

PoundPuppiesLegacy has done an excellent job of countering the claims Prof Bartholet is trying to peddle once again.

"Adoption abuses exist, as in every area abuses of the legal system exist. But there is no persuasive evidence that adoption abuses are extensive. Nor is there reason to think that they would be extensive."

Even if true - which it is not - why bother investigating murder unless its "extensive." Many cities see a murder only rarely - why bother trying to prosecute the criminal or do anything at all about it? Kidnapping within the US - stranger kidnapping like that of Jaycee is a rare crime. Why not simply ignore those rare occasions and the rare few victims and their families?

My sarcasm is a result of utter frustration and anger at bold faced lies by the NCFA and she who lies-a-lot!

Bartholet -- who believes that "heritage is over-rated" is the spokesperson for adoption attorneys - those whose livelihood depends upon keeping the flow of babies constant. Their collective major concern is that Hague is closing U.S. adoption agencies who cannot comply, and closing countries.

She blatantly and very knowingly ignores facts and distorts truths by repeating over and over overinflated numbers of orphans, knowing that the general public will not fact-check and those adopting hear what they want to hear - the lies they love! The pretense that there is any concern for any child's well-being...except to the extent that at this point she has come to believe her own lies. Jaycee's kidnappers pleading not guilty!

I encourage all to read the very sane (as opposed to my rant here) and factual dismantling of Bathelot's newest fabrictions at Pound Puppy.

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