Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Isn't That Special!

If you remember the SNL character "The Church Lady" played by Dana Carvey, then you also remember his famous "Isn't that SPECIAL" with a magnificent tone of sarcasm.

Spence-Chapin on the Kevin Cohen scam:

"Our hearts go out to the many families who thought their dreams of adopting a child were about to come true," said Kathy Legg, executive director of Spence-Chapin Services (, after learning about the alleged adoption scam conducted by Long Island lawyer Kevin Cohen.

Legg feels strongly that prospective adoptive parents deserve better from New York State, which has a patchwork of state regulatory laws related to the practice of adoption including provisions in the Domestic Relations Law, the Family Court Act, the Public Health Law and the Social Services Law. This is a call to action for the New York State legislature to look at comprehensive reform that would prevent the victimization of adoptive families.

Many states have take action to insure that the public's interest in these life-changing matters has been protected. States such as Michigan, Maryland and Illinois allow only authorized or licensed not-for-profit agencies to provide adoption services. New York needs to do the same.

Legg also encourages prospective adoptive families everywhere to carefully research adoption providers to find agencies with proper state authorization and good reputations prior to making a commitment and turning over money. For example, Legg states that the website of the Council on Accreditation (COA) lists agencies across the country which have met high standards for their adoption practice.

Yeah, that's the ticket! Prevent the victimization of aps! of And who gives one ounce of even lip service, who even PRETENDS to care about protecting the rights of relinquishing families or those considering it? Guess we are fair game to be victimized cause we "made our own beds" and then spread our own legs in it!

And people wonder why I remain angry? There is still an assumption that we are sluts and they are doing a favor by helping us getting rid of our kids; that we have no rights to protect; that we simply don't matter at all - the wrapping on the gift.

We certainly re not the victims nd have no rights to protect because adoption serves the paying client and ONLY the paying client! Let there be no mistake about it. And agencies want to come out as the caring protectors of those paying customers cause they are fighting independent practitioners for their business!

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