Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Three: Fasting for Children Kidnapped for Adoption

I cannot believe it is day three.

Prior to this, I freaked out and screamed and hollered if I was told to eat "nothing after midnight" and then had to wait until noon the next day for whatever procedure was being done.

I began this fast with an open mind, not knowing if it would be a juice fast, or whatever.

I have tips, if you ever need or want to fast:

#1. Do not watch TV! Every other commercial is for something to eat!
#2. Keep BUSY - garden, shop (but not in a food store), walk, write, read, draw...ANYTHING! Do not be idle!
#3. Tell people around you and stop them when the conversation turns to food or eating.

Last night I felt some hunger pangs. Usually I snack before bed, convinced that hunger "pains" will keep me awake. I slept like a a baby and so fare feel no ill-effects at all of this three day fast. All I have had is a bottle of 10 calorie vitamin water a day!

And yet, I feel so utterly helpless and ineffectually in achieving any meaningful assistance for the mothers of the kidnapped children.

I have contacted Amnesty International and am hoping to hear back from them. Will follow up.

Chris Todd, one of the strikers said:

"I participated in this strike because I believe that the world owes justice to these women. They are not just victims of a few crooked lawyers. That could be easily solved. They are victims of a corrupt establishment that makes money and gains power from their misery. There will be no justice for them unless we stand together to demand it. I stand with them because Jesus stood for me."

I stand with them because NO ONE stood with me in my time of need when I lost my daughter!

I stand with them because it is every mother's God-give right to raise her own child with no pressure created by a demand for her child!

I stand with them because kidnapping is a serious felony crime and treaties the US has ratified DEMAND that they investigate!

I stand with them because I know that these three cases are merely the very tiniest tip of a huge ring of child traffickers. Nothing this complicated, falsifying birth certificates, DNA test results and accompanying photos, obtaining visas on slip shod documentation m issuing identifying information, could have been accomplished easily or by lone individuals.

I stand with them because adoption must be turned back around to its original purpose of finding homes for those children who are in need - orphans and children whose parents are incapable and unwilling to parents and have no extended family who can step up to the plate, when provided the necessary resources to do so.

Adoption is NOT about filliugn a demand for younger and healthier children than those that already are in need of care - 129,000 right in the US!

I stand with these mothers and will continue to fight until we stop seeing others' children as a commodities that ANYONE has a "right" to...and until we stop CREATING PSEUDO ORPHANS of loved and wanted, well-cared for children!

I stand with them until everyone decides to be part of the solution, and NOT part of the problem! The corruption starts with the demand. Demand creates the "supply" or more accurately the suppliers.

Guatemalan drug dealers have reported that selling babies is more profitable and less likely to end in apprehension.

We have to stop the insanity! Some people cannot have babies. Other people don't have legs but don't expect anyone to cut one of their off and give it to them.

Anyone who believes they should adopt in order to "save" or "rescue" a child "languishing" in an orphanage - an "unwanted" "orphan" - needs to go to their state welfare department and save themselves tens of thousands of dollars and the possible nightmare of being a recipient of kidnapped kid...not mention the pain they'd spare a mother.

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Robin Smith said...

Yes..this is really a terrible post..Child adoption is such a good work but the post done by is very awesome. We have to stop the insanity! That is the main idea behind your blog..

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