Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I Want My Daughter Back"

In July, I blogged about Carla Moquin's fight for her daughter Peri (Bring Peri Home).

Carla's persistence has gotten her story a featured article of several pages and photos in the current People Magazine, Sept. 21, entitled "I Want my Daughter Back."

It is not yet available online (should be in a week or two, when the next issue comes out) but do check it out at your supermarket or wherever People is sold in your area.

It will be interesting to see public reaction as in the past, the general public has almost consistently sided with adopter sin contested adoptions - no matter how many laws they violated! "The only family" syndrome.

Peri has two full siblings that she has met, and has known her mother always.

This article is a last ditch effort by Carla to bring public attention tot he case as she has exhausted all other means financially.

Donations can be made via Carla's website:

Why not consider a donation in honor of YOR family? The family you were not able to save.

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Care said...

Without a doubt this is the most intense of all relationships, sparks alternately flying around and threatening to blaze the surroundings and then coming to rest in the intimate warmth of a glowing campfire. Until adolescence, the mother-daughter relationship is one of general warmth and closeness. Sure, there are the occasional blow-ups, but most resolve themselves with heartfelt apologies from both sides, and lots of hugs

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