Sunday, September 27, 2009

Brangelina Adoption Obsession

Amidst rumors of Brad's drug use, separations and living apart (hey, what else is there to do while waiting online at the supermarket checkout than read the tabloid headlines!)...Angelina Jolie has sparked speculation that she is planning another adoption after visiting an orphanage in Ethiopia and bonding with a little girl.

To his credit, Brad Pitt is reportedly against another adoption right now and it was claimed that fight turned nasty as he accused her of being “like a kid in a pet store, wanting all the cute puppies.” Angelina is said to start the paperwork and will adopt with or without Brad’s help.
One thing is certain, it is not possible for Angelina to work with Brad because she did not have the time as they raise six children together. She added that they try to find a balance in their lives because they want to educate their children and fulfill their dreams.

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